Katy Perry collapses on stage from mind control meltdown

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Kary Perry collapses on stage from mind control breakdown

She has become one of the biggest stars in the world and continues to draw in large crowds of paying fans to see her on stage. Singer and songwriter Katy Perry suffered a collapse on stage, due to a suspected Monarch mind control meltdown.

The project known as Monarch, was initiated by the Illuminati. Using different methods, they are able to take control of an individual often at an earlier age. Many of these individuals, essentially become slaves or puppets of the New World Order. Mind control methods such as this, dates back many years including World War II, when mind control research was still in its infancy.

It has been suspected that Katy Perry, may be involved in such antics secretly as she continued to rise to power within the music world. Many musicians, actors, sportsmen and politicians are merely being controlled one way or the other—by the higher powers that be. This one video in particular, showcases Katy on stage performing one of her songs.

Kary Perry collapses on stage

As seen, she inevitably gets dragged off stage incoherently ranting and moving awkwardly. A security guard then wanders over to her to escort her off stage. Meanwhile, her eyes began to roll back in her head as she made grunting type sounds.

One can argue she was just putting on a show, however many feel there is indeed something off about her. Many of her acts include symbolism involving references to the Illuminati and the New World Order through gestures and costuming. It is also believed that brainwashing techniques have been funneled through her music and videos to the masses.

Katy Perry

The super pop star’s breakdown, has since gone viral hitting social media heavily. She seems to be displaying various personality traits of several different people. It is possible she may have Dissociative Identity Disorder. (Multiple Personality Disorder) Some feel that “Katy doesn’t look like Katy anymore.”

She seems to be suffering a conflict between being both Katy Perry and her real identity Katheryn Hudson. Each personality seems to be battling for absolute dominance. Which one of them wins, will be the outcome by her handlers and others behind the scenes. Someone struggling with a disorder such as this, may in fact never recover as it can linger for years at a time.

There have been many different stars, who have been suspected to be part of a Monarch mind control program under MK-Ultra. They have been used as a part of a propaganda type machine, becoming a tool to influence people through various mass media outlets. These people use a type of hypnosis and subliminal messaging to get their influence across.

On occasion, some people under this thrall—will essentially implode self destructing along the way. Examples of this, are Britney Spears who had a meltdown back in 2007, cutting her hair off and acting erratically and Kanye West not long ago claimed his mind was erased after showing support for now President Donald Trump. Kanye also made the claim, he was an alien sent to Earth to save humanity.

When a star suffers such as this pubic ally, they have been programmed to do so. This discredits them in the public eye as people simply choose not to believe what they witnessed the star doing.

According to the Vice website, young adult television channels including the Walt Disney Corporation and Teen Nick monetize and sexualize their young starlets. While it sounds crazy, these young adults are manipulated by their handlers to watch The Wizard of Oz movie, over and over again until they feel true happiness. They then continue to be controlled by their handlers, as they capture the crowds attention with their subliminal messages. What will Katy Perry do next? Time will tell.

(Source: Neon Nettle)

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