Return to Babylon film haunted while filming

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Return to Bablyon 2013

A film released back in 2013, had a paranormal production claimed by different cast members and production crew. The film is titled Return to Babylon, it takes place during the silent film era. Alex Monty Canawati directed it and the ensemble cast includes Jennifer Tilly, María Conchita Alonso, Ione Skye, Debi Mazar, Laura Harring, and Tippi Hedren.

What is seen in the film, simply cannot be explained by normal means. These folks claim that something unusual happened while they were on location filming. It is easy enough to speculate this is some sort of publicity stunt.

Jennifer Tilly Return to Bablyon

However, the crew and cast firmly believe where they were during the production, channeled the spirits of stars past. Actress Jennifer Tilly, was particularly vocal about “ghosts and spirits” touching her during the production. Several of the locations used for the film, took place at the estates of silent movie stars like Norma Talmadge, Antonio Moreno, and Rudy Valentino. Perhaps these locations were indeed haunted!

Morphed faces from Return to Bablyon

Seen in a number of scenes, are explainable blurs and morphs of either some sort of ghostly presence or demonic type activity. A number of people, have taken a look at the footage including paranormal experts and cinema fanatics. Everyone is in agreement, that what took place is bizarre as they try to figure it out. Apparent spontaneous morphing seems to happen to the actors, as they seemingly become hideous monstrosities on screen.

The story of the film is set in the early 1900’s, during the silent era of Hollywood. The director Monty Canawati wanted to make a film such as this—ever since he became a film maker back in 1993. As fate would have it, the director stumbled onto a bag. At first, he thought it was nothing more than trash. However, when he opened it up inside were 19 rolls of unopened black and white film.

While this is rather unusual itself, it is nothing compared to the raw unedited footage which was seen. Monty along with a photography teacher from the Brooks Institute of Photography were the first to glance at these anomalies seen on the playback.

Morphed hands Return to Bablyon

Both of them, along with others state that no special effects were used in the production of “Return To Babylon”. When they glanced at the playback footage, they noticed hands morphing from short to long. The hands also appeared to be webbed. Actors noses suddenly seemed long and pointed as their faces became distorted as well. According to the Brooks Institute of Photography, this film “breaks all rules of cinema logic.”

Further examining the film footage, a Dr. Albert Taylor along with several paranormal groups – have not been able to reach any conclusions about the strange morphing seen on screen. The film remains controversial by experts and believers alike.

(Source: Paranormalistics)

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