The prophecies of Baba Vanga

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Known as prophets these people possess great insight into what will happen in the future. A blind Bulgarian woman who died back in 1996 was known as a great prophet. She predicted an unforeseen amount of world moments (nobody had any idea) were going to happen. Vanga started making predictions when she was 16. She assisted her father by finding lost sheep. She would describe where the animals were by providing a detailed description (even who the thieves were). Her powers of foreseeing took shape when she turned 30.

Her name was Baba Vanga and this woman predicted events such as ISIS, the demise of the twin towers, the great 2004 Tsunami, global warming and other worldly events. Even what happened recently such as the invasion of Europe by Muslim extremists she predicted as well.


Skeptics shake their heads at such nonsense. However, what if she was able to tap into something that is unusual. Being compared to that of Nostradamus himself, this lady had a power nobody else is currently known to have. Perhaps there is someone else out there who has this—yet they haven’t come forward to remain anonymous.

Vangelia Gushterova (Baba Vanga) was born in 1911. She has made numerous predictions in her 50 year existence. How was she able to do this? It is rather intriguing as there aren’t any logical explanations which science can answer. She was bestowed with something special yet she wasn’t able to see around her like most of us can.

More of her predictions did come to pass, such as the Russian submarine that disappeared in the Barents Sea back in August 12th of 2000. These unfortunate souls drifted into a deep watery grave which killed everyone on board.


The tragedy of September 11th, 2001 was also shocking, her prediction also came true—when the twin towers fell…killing and injuring many. Her seer eyes were able to see further into the future predicting more great events.

More of her predictions include China rising to the great world power by 2018. This seems to already be happening as the country is flourishing economically. Other rather amazing things will happen such as the Earth’s orbit will change by 2023.

A new energy source will be discovered. World hunger will no longer be an issue as those without food will find new sources between 2025-2028. Also, astronauts will travel to the planet Venus for exploration. Perhaps even a colonization will even happen. Furthermore, from 2033 until 2045 the polar ice caps will actually melt. The side effect will cause ocean levels to rise, flooding coastal areas. Muslims will take over Europe and the world global economy will thrive.

Future cloning will allow doctors to cure diseases by simply replacing the body entirely. The United States will attack Muslim Rome using a climate-based freezing weapon. Even further into the future of the world includes during 2072-2086 a classless communist society happens, which will work for all restoring the order of the world.


The years of 2170-2256 include planet Mars becoming a nuclear power and separating itself from Earth. An underwater city and discovery of something horrible from extraterrestrial searches will come into effect. The years of 2262 until 2304 time travel happens, secrets of the moon will also be unveiled and French guerrillas will fight the Muslim reign in France.

If all of this is overwhelming to think about, there is even more she predicted such as the year 2341 when a series of natural and man-made disasters turn our world entirely making our planet no longer habitable. Humanity manages to escape into another solar system however resources are scarce and more war comes to pass. It seems like inevitably people never learn that war is bad and the results accomplish nothing. Eventually between 3815-3878 we become beasts reverting to that of like cavemen and cave women. A new religion will come to pass which will lead us out of the dark ages again.


People eventually become scattered throughout the universe totally an estimated 340 billion. However, we have become immortal as we assimilated with aliens. This happens between 4302-4674. We can communicate with God and eventually by 5079 the universe ends. Perhaps God will redo everything from scratch? All of this information is mind blowing to think about.

(Source: The Mirror by Sam Webb)

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