Stunning UFO cell phone capture in Sonora, Mexico has gone viral

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What appears to be a UFO caught in Sonora, Mexico with a cell phone camera—has people talking recently. The video has already gone viral around the web. Perhaps this is one of the most stunning captures ever, showing what appears to be a UFO that is hovering in the sky.

The remarkable thing seen towards the end of the video, is how the UFO then vanishes through a square cut out in the sky. The footage is simply stunning and makes you wonder what this UFO was doing here.

UFO caught in Sonora, Mexico

Maybe this is some sort of extraterrestrial observation mission, if not something more entirely. We of course have no idea what kind of aliens, may be aboard this spacecraft seen and if they are friendly or not. There is another possibility that this may be part of a government experiment.

Of course CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) first comes to mind, however nobody knows for sure as anything and everything is mere speculation at this point. If this indeed is real, then humanity may finally have public proof of UFO’s and the existence of extraterrestrials on our planet.

UFO in Sonora, Mexico

Looking carefully at the video and just above the treeline, there are scatters of a dark circle. This at first looks like many insects spreading around. It may be a smoke cloud but it is difficult to make out the detail of it. The light colors seen, are reminiscent of the Tron franchise of films. The lights appear to be aqua blue and even pulsate during certain moments.

While make fakes have been made regarding UFO sightings, there may come a point when what is capture is real. People cannot simply dismiss this as nonsense, without knowing more about it first. How many people witnessed this UFO isn’t know yet either. The only limited information so far about this UFO, is that the video was first uploaded back on 03/14/17.

UFO caught with cell phone Sonora, Mexico

One of the most interesting things about this video, is when the ship simply disappears into what appears to be a portal of some sort. Another speculation is, that the UFO spaceship went into some kind of cloaking mode after having been spotted. It is unfortunate the image quality isn’t better but good enough to see the UFO, the colors and the night sky. Who first posted this video hasn’t come forward yet. Perhaps they are remaining anonymous to protect themselves from being ridiculed.

Hopefully, more information about this will spread soon.

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