Mysterious Ooze Erupts Stopping Traffic In Michigan

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Drivers got more than they expected on a road located in the city of Melvindale yesterday. A vile strange substance, began to spew out along the roadway. When Michigan drivers looked out their windows, they didn’t know what to made of this.

Strangely, over the course of several hours during a rainstorm, this mysterious substance oozed everywhere around this location. Speculations are, this is something supernatural and not man made. In all likeliness, this may be from a nearby oil refinery located in the area. While both scenarios are disturbing, local residents are wondering if they and their families might be in some kind of danger.

Mysterious Ooze Michigan Road Melvindale

Something like this is disturbing as it could lead to some kind of outbreak. Samples have been taken where they will be analyzed inside of a lab. From what is known, this mystery ooze came from the ground first before spreading along the side of the road.

A local television station mentioned the ooze as being a “smelly, foamy mess”. Apparently, this wasn’t the first time reports of this had happened. Only when it was seen within range of the public eye did it get reported about further. The first eruption happened sometime last week. It was cleaned up later by a public works cleaning crew, who disposed of this foul substance.

At first, authorities had little concern for whatever this substance is. It may well could lead to health concerns if not further investigated into. Nobody knows yet whether or not this is something toxic or not. It would be assumed to be unsafe to human touch one would think.

Mysterious Ooze Michigan Road Melvindale Inspected

The cleaning crew originally disposed of this ooze. No public information has been released yet where it was taken to yet. There are facilities used where unsafe materials are disposed of.

With the second sighting of this ooze substance, police were brought in to shut down the road where this ooze was located. The police later made a statement saying, “We are shutting down the road, until we can figure out what exactly is going on.”

One Melvindale police officer stated at the scene, “They want the whole road shut down right now, until we can figure out exactly what’s going on.”

From what is known, the ooze was located near the street at Schaefer Highway between Oakwood Boulevard and I-75.

Worrisome to many, things like this sometimes slip out into the public eye. When this happens it is harder to hide, as more people know about it. Was this the work of a chemical company quietly trying to dispose of this?

Those in charge such as the Detroit Water and Sewerage Department, along with local residents now anxiously await the test results of this mystery ooze material.

(Source: Coast To Coast and Click On Detroit)

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