Medieval Fortress Thought To Be A Gateway To Hell

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Houska Castle is a medieval fortress in the Czech Republic. It is said to be built over a portal to hell. The castle was constructed in the late 13th century by Bohemian ruler Ottokar II of Bohemia. Reports of strange noises and visions inspired him to build it. The castle is located in a remote area of the Czech countryside, surrounded by dense forests. The only entrance is through a large gate sealed shut with magic. 

Inside, there is a single room believed to be the entrance to hell. It is dark, damp, and has a foul odor. Over the centuries, the castle has been the site of many strange phenomena. Ghostly figures, disembodied voices, and a sense of dread have been reported. Some believe the castle is built on a portal to hell, but there is no scientific evidence to support this claim. 

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Houska Castle is likely just a normal medieval fortress with legends and superstitions surrounding it. However, its dark history and mysterious atmosphere continue to attract visitors. The truth behind the castle is probably more mundane. It was likely built for strategic purposes in a strategically important location. 

The strange phenomena may be explained by natural causes. Despite this, Houska Castle remains a place of mystery and intrigue. Its dark history and isolated location fuel the legends that surround it. Whether or not it is built over a portal to hell, Houska Castle will continue to fascinate and frighten people for centuries to come.

This location is said to be haunted by numerous spirits of past occupants. The castle has even been featured on several films and television series including “Ghost Adventures”. Locals have spotted lights coming from this location during World War II. Around the turn of the 13th century, reports mentioned many different odd happenings here. A bottomless pit along with winged beasts coming from the depths below are a few of them. 

One local legend said a duke initiated an instance where a young prisoner was lowered into a deep black hole here. When the prisoner was lowered, he wasn’t down there for too long. However to their shocking surprise when he was pulled up, he was no longer youthful but now an old man. It seemed he aged around 40 years, but was only down there for a short time. His screams sent chills down the spines of each man there. 

Not more than several days passed by and the young now old prisoner was committed to an insane asylum. Allegedly, he died not long after. Reports said he only lived for several days more. It seems whatever he witnessed scared much of his life away from him. After this incredible series of events, the duke decided to take action. So, the Houska Castle was constructed directly above the deep dark pit below. 

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This was done to block whatever was lingering down there. The place it seems radiates evil. It took a while but the construction was completed in 1278. Of course the castle has been a part of superstitious beliefs ever since.

It is thought that Archangel Michael led God’s army in battle against Lucifer’s fallen angels. Due to its numerous allusions to Satan and paganism, the chapel itself is distinctive. One thing to consider is the illustration of a left-handed half-woman, half-horse figure during a time when left-handedness was seen as the devil’s sign. 

The castle was thought to be inhabited in the 1630s by a Swedish black magic expert by the name of Oronto. He allegedly worked day and night to find an elixir of perpetual life. But because he was so feared by the villagers, two hunters entered the castle and killed him. Houska Castle, which was a part of Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia at the time of World War II, is reported to have piqued the Nazis’ great interest. 

One can only imagine all the experiments that have taken place here. It is quite creepy to think about. Nowadays, some surrounding nature has reclaimed parts of the castle with nature providing some cover as well. A family now owns this property. It is former car maker president Josef Šimonek. Getting here is a real trick as it’s located about 30 miles away from Prague. This is likely a good thing as the place seems to have a disturbing past history.

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