Moments of mediumship

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With reported encounters of paranormal activity, sometimes a strange substance is left behind. This is what is known as ectoplasm. This strange substance often is found from a spiritual medium who has the ability to communicate with the dead. These people are very spiritual and connected with their surroundings. Certainly there are those who are found to be frauds, but there are others who are quite different indeed. Why and when they are chosen by the spirits as a vessel of communication is still puzzling.

After these mediums have experienced a trance of sorts, this ectoplasm substance sometimes lingers as material from the manifestation of a spirit or spirits. These psychic senses are used by mental mediums in the paranormal field of work. A medium is said to have psychic abilities but not all psychics function as mediums.


What is known as Mediumship involves the cooperation of the Earth plane and the spirit also known as the communicator. There have been numerous portrayals of this in modern cinema. The presentation of information which is verifiable or not—is the first step when contacting the departed. Afterward, there are various paranormal activities which may or may not occur. The use of channeling forth certain types of energies will bring forth the spirit which the living are trying to contact and connect with.

If all of this is successful the spirit will manifest itself in some way for further examination. Using a sense of communication and manipulation of energies the medium will unleash forth a presence which is sometimes friendly and sometimes not. Different energy systems are apparent in these displays, people have reported varying different colors of light. With this method there is another type of mediumship, this involves using mental telepathy to communicate with the fallen. There are different aspects of thought transference which are used.

Mediums are indeed different from psychics with their methods used communicating with the deceased which spans across the physical and spiritual world. There have been famous mediums such as John Edward and Allison DuBois, who have appeared on television. Some of them have even written books. With their popularity, it appears that mediums are more popular than psychics since they possess a higher level of credibility.

Most religions do believe that some type of afterlife exists, so the idea that a medium can communicate with a deceased person’s spirit might be more believable—than a psychic predicting the future from a palm reading.

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