The Voices Inside My Head Saved Me

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Was this a magnificent medical miracle or some kind of conspiracy? Back in the year 1984, a woman with the initials A.B., began hearing voices in her head, telling her to have a brain scan. The reason for this became clear later.

Voices Inside My Head Saved Me

A.B. (a full-time homemaker) was reportedly sitting at home, reading, when she heard a voice in her head. The voice reportedly told her: “Please don’t be afraid. I know it must be shocking for you to hear me speaking to you like this, but this is the easiest way I could think of. My friend and I used to work at the Children’s Hospital, Great Ormond Street, and we would like to help you.”

A.B. was certainly freaked out over this. At first, she tried to ignore these mental voices in her head without avail. Convinced that she was going mad, she contacted her family doctor who later referred her to a Dr. Azuonye.

From their examination, there was no medical explanation as to why she was hearing these voices. However, they would diagnose her as having a functional hallucinatory psychosis. She would be treated with the drug thioridazine and supportive counselling.

The voices seemed to stop for several weeks. They then returned later and told her specifically to find the diagnostic imaging wing of a nearby London hospital. These voices informed A.B. that she had a tumor that needed removed. She needed a proper diagnosis to be performed on her.

Voices Inside My Head Saved Me 1984

Allegedly, between 5-14% of the population, have heard other people’s voices inside their heads before, sometime during their lifetime. When something such as this happens to someone, it happens due to physical problems with their body or mental health type issues.

There are a number of psychotic disorders, that have been linked to injuries. Some of these psychotic disorders include complex forms of epilepsy and strokes, involving auditory regions within the brain’s cortex. Examples of this, would be schizophrenia and auditory type hallucinations.

The original article released by the James Randi Educational Foundation, was written by Dr. Romeo Vitelli and published later on June 21st back in 2013. Since it’s release, people have been scratching their heads over this. It simply cannot be explained by logic. It seems something else intervened to save A.B. in her time of need.

Something it seems was watching over A.B. Were these guardian angels or something else entirely? Previously, A.B. was healthy and never had any pre-existing conditions. All of this, was highly unusual. She at first, dismissed the first voices heard, as being nothing more than daytime delusions.

These unexplainable voices her in head, would end up saving her. These voices couldn’t be explained logically by A.B. or any doctors. The diagnosis was true, she learned later…that she had a tumor on her brainstem, that needed removed.

(Source: James Randi Educational Foundation and The Strangest)

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