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Armadillo Headed Humanoid Seen In Alabama

This rather bizarre creature was allegedly seen in Lauderdale County, Alabama in a place called Grassy. It had the head of an armadillo, with the rest of its body appearing to be human-like.

There are many legends and lore, about different cryptid type creatures appearing in different places around the world. This creature is certainly one of the biggest oddities, to have ever been reported about.

A 43-year-old mother named Anna Porter mentioned, that when she was out getting the laundry from the clothesline, she felt like something was there with her. Looking around, she noticed a 3 foot tall creature. It was spotted just behind a wood pile.

armadillo humanoid man Alabama

It was white colored, with long stringy hair that reached the ground hanging from its body. It seemed to walk around on all of its four paws. The creatures head, was shaped just like a armadillo according to Anna. The face appeared long with no noticeable fur on it. It seemed smooth.

When the creature approached Anna, she froze with fear. It was most unusual. The creature was within an arm’s reach away from her, resembling something flat like the bottom of a sheet. Anna then backed up towards the door. Anna also explained that on this same night, her baby was crying.

Oddly, when she went outside in the front yard, things appeared to be like daytime hours. This was really strange, because as she explained it…the front yard was like daytime, while the backyard was more like night. Most knew Anna to be an honest Christian woman who had no need to tell such a tale. This gives her some credibility anyway.

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This location of the sighting, got its name from a local school here known as Grassy. It was named this, from the condition of the grassy schoolyard property back in the early 1870’s. There would be no more sightings ever since regarding the humanoid armadillo creature…until 2016, when a 17 year old nephew was headed home walking on foot, from the city of Demopolis.

Apparently, he had parked his car and began walking back from a nature walk. It was during the springtime. He wasn’t the only person to see this unusual sight. Others passing by, noticing what resembled a cross between a nine-belt armadillo living in the south of America and a man. This anomaly attempted to cross the road after glancing over at the people looking at it.

The armadillo humanoid then disappeared into the dense bush. Many cryptozoologists have been baffled over this incident, as no real evidence was ever collected about it. Perhaps one day, someone will once again find this strange sensational anomaly.

(Source: Phantoms And Monsters and Selected News)

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