Mystery of the Mary Celeste

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Mary Celeste

It is one of the strangest occurrences which has baffled people for many years. The year was 1864, a ship referred to as the Mary Celeste left port in Bermuda September 14th. Sir Arthur Ignatius Conan Doyle (Sherlock Holmes author and physician) originates the name of the ship. The vessel was seen not far from the Azores (nine volcanic islands situated in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean).

When it was discovered, there were no traces whatsoever on board. No bodies or signs of struggle could be found. What was found were peoples personal belongings which remained on board. During this time, even piano music was considered valuable. The sheet music was left behind. Also on board, were supplies such as ammunition and alcohol bound to supply Confederate forces during the American Civil War. It seems the crew of this voyage simply vanished from the face of the Earth.

Mary Celeste Curse

Arguments and speculation exist to the crews whereabouts. Some believe an extra terrestrial force took the people away in abduction. The rather unusual case of this crew disappearing—is one of the most well known maritime mysteries. The story served as a prelude to the Bermuda Triangle mysteries over time.

The Mary Celeste was found abandoned on December 5th, 1872 in the Atlantic Ocean. The only notable discovery was one lifeboat which was missing. The records of the ship indicated there were eight crew members and two passengers who were aboard. The day was crystal clear, the weather was fine for traveling. None of those traveling on board were ever seen or heard from again. One theory is the ship hit a reef and the seamen escaped with their lives, apart from the ship’s cook who went back to reclaim his possessions.

The crews disappearance is one of the biggest mysteries which still hasn’t been explained. With such misfortune and believed to be a cursed ship, the Mary Celeste was destroyed by its last owner G. C. Parker in an attempt to commit insurance fraud. The ruined vessel rests 55 feet below the waves off the coast of Bermuda. The ship was considered a paddle steamer vessel built by William C Miller & Sons in Liverpool. The estimated size of the ship was 225 ft long.

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