The Devils Mask, a cursed mask of mystery

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The devils mask a cursed haunted object

There are mysterious objects which may be linked to something beyond our understanding. These relics and artifacts possess some sort of energy—which seemingly radiates from them. Recently, Tim from the YouTube channel liveScifi, will stream a live broadcast on 3/31/17 at 12:00 AM. He will be talking about a mask, which recently came into his possession.

The devils mask stream liveScifi

Their channel features real ghost and paranormal videos caught on tape. They also do live ghost hunts and videos of the unexplained. Locations include the USA and abroad.

The devils mask inside

This mask is made from an unknown wood, it was carved into the shape of a demonic face. He is referring to this as the Devil’s Mask. This is believed to be a haunted possessed mask—which so far has brought him unusual dreams. Objects in his home such as keys falling off the key ring—have begun moving by themselves as well.

Speculation by him, includes this mask reportedly being used in satanic rituals in the past. Where and why they were held is unknown. Perhaps it was used in some sort of tribute ritual—to a demon or the actual devil Lucifer. (Satan)

The devils mask

The negative energy that flows through this mask is overwhelming. Why Tim continues to hang onto this cursed mask, must be out of curiosity and research. The origination of how he obtained the mask was from a local antique dealer who acquired it from an estate sale.

This cursed mask has given off some EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomenon) readings. These are sound recordings which are captured with various electronic technology. The captured and recorded documentation heard are the unintentional voices of spirits and demonic presences.

The devils mask ouija

The first video upload about this mask was streamed live back on Jan 29, 2016. During that stream, a live Ouija (wee-jee) board was used along with a Geo Box (ghost box), a device used as a spirit communicator among others.

There are artifacts which date back to the Neolithic era, a time when humans started giving up nomadic lifestyles in favor of permanent settlements, complete with farms and domesticated animals. One if not the eldest mask ever found, originates from Horvat Duma in the Judean Hills.

Oldest mask in world

(Oldest mask in the world discovered to date)

This mask is from the Judaean Mountains of Israel. Where the West Bank and Jerusalem are located. This ancient mask was worn during Stone Age ceremonies and rituals according to researchers.

It is unwise to tamper with some spirits, are you never know what they might really be after. There are some things in this world, which simply can’t be explained. Yet humanity will always question the unknown, because we are curious creatures by nature.

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