Possessed Boy Crawls From Closet

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A rather bizarre looking photograph, was sent to the Slapped Ham YouTube channel. The photo appears to be a young boy, crawling from a closet door. Their eyes seem to be glowing, as they look possessed by something.

While information about this is limited, apparently a viewer by the name of “Citrus Lemon” sent this blue saturated photograph, to the owners of the channel. This photograph, was snapped years ago, when they were young. The estimation is, they were around 13 years old.

Possessed boy crawls from closet door

It is unlike anything else seen and looks like something from out of a horror movie. The boy was allegedly playing a modified version of the game hide and seek. It took place inside someone’s home, in what appears to be during the evening hours. That being mentioned, this could have been taken during the daylight hours, with the windows and doors closed to make it appear darker.

While looking back at the photo, this person was entirely freaked out by what they had seen. This boy, crawled out of the closet on their hands and feet upside down. They appear to be in some kind of daze or trance-like state.

The boys and girls were playing around with their new camera phones. This makes estimating when this happened a complete guess. The very first camera phone released publically, dates back to the year 2000 by Sharp later released in Japan by J-Phone (now SoftBank Mobile). Doubtfully, the phone used was this early made. More than likely, this was something released a number of years later.

Possessed boy crawls from closet

The photograph, has an ominously eerie feeling about it. Children sometimes can be the targets of demonic entities. This child, may have been momentarily taken over by some kind of dark force of some kind. However, some think this is nothing more than light reflecting off their eyes from just the right angle.

When the children played this game, they had set in place some specific rules. These were simple enough to follow along with. When someone was in a room with the lights off, they would use the flash from their phone, to try and find where the other was hiding at. It seems this boy, came across more than he bargained for…after they took this photo from a few rounds earlier.

It seems that someone screamed and everyone gathered around afterward. The lights then came back on. The person who took this photo, was noticeably shaken up by what they had seen. They even had tears coming from their eyes.

Everyone couldn’t believe what they had seen, it seems they experienced something supernatural upon that night. Even more creepy, was the boy in the photograph, had never been seen before. It seems this left everyone both shaken and scared. This encounter remains a mystery, until more details are released.

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