Disturbing film footage found inside old wooden box

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Knowing you have found something dark and disturbing, can easily give someone nightmares. A man known as Chad, found something quite sinister, after moving into a studio apartment in New York. Chad was in dire need of some new furniture for his place.

He found a man on Craigslist, who was desperately ready to get rid of his things, at dirt cheap prices. Curious, he went to their home. He bought a small-sized table along with a number of other random things. In the end, he gave away some items and kept the rest.

bitterroot box

One item in particular, caught his attention. It was an old wooden box. Out of curiosity, he forced open the lid with a screwdriver and inside of it, were a number of old photographs. The word “bitterroot” was handwritten on every photo. A container made from tin, also had a film reel inside of it. This was an 8mm film, he learned later from his friend Dario – who is a film student at a local university. These series of photos and film, must mean something to someone out there.

bitterroot photograph

The film was badly damaged, so Chad decided to keep it on his bookshelf thinking it would make a great decoration. The pictures he found, continued to haunt his thoughts. He desperately wanted to watch this mysterious film reel, that he stumbled upon.

Chad and Dario found a 8mm projector from Ebay, that was in good working condition. One day, they decided to watch the found film. What they found, was quite disturbing to them. It was so bizarre in fact, that Chad had a friend setup a website online to share the film. Perhaps hoping that someone out there, knows more about all of this.

Bitterroot Footage

Was the film footage found, created by a film student? Seen in this film, appears to be a person holding some kind of bag or satchel. Another bag, is seen on the floor which is tied with rope and chains.

Is all of this, part of some kind of occult sacrifice? It is unclear whether or not the robed person is male or female. They appear to be in an old house, more than likely in a remote area. This same person is seen in the other photos as well.

Further thoughts, 8mm cameras were fairly loud when used. The person allegedly filming this cloaked person or figure, was trying to remain inconspicuous about it. They didn’t want to be seen. But in the film, the camera shots were not filmed discreetly.

This may well mean, that the other person was in on whatever was happening here – further pointing to an occult type scenario. With all of the covering over the head of the cloaked person, it would have made it more difficult for them to see around them. This was also done to keep themselves unrecognizable.

The film has the intention that someone was tortured and possibly killed. With not much evidence other than was is in Chad’s possession, it hints at a lot of speculation. Regardless, this strange film still remains a mystery. Watch the video, to see what was inside the bag.

(Source: The Bitterroot Footage)

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