The human suction cup

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Jamie cubs

Each of us has a unique talent in life, some people don’t realize it until later. This is something we discover later. This is what happened to Jamie “Canhead” Keeton 23 years ago from Illinois. His unusual ability makes people stare and ask him different questions. Jamie has the strange ability to stick things to his head. One of his nick names is “The Human Suction Cup”.

He reflected back in his early childhood knowing he was different (he was scared people would call him a freak). His parents thought he just had pine sap on his toys—which were sticking to him from climbing trees. They were wrong however.

canhead man

Jamie’s skin has a natural adhesiveness to it. When certain non-porous materials are placed on his head, they simply stick. His skin has gained him quite a lot of attention. He has appeared on television and met some celebrities as well after becoming one himself. Jamie also holds the Guinness World Record for most cans stuck to a human head. At a NASCAR (car racing) event he had over 80,000 pictures of him taken one one day.

Jamie and Ellen

Jamie Keeton is 47 years old now, he has made a living from his unique ability. His curiosity led him to his doctor. After speaking further with him, they explained his body heat is hotter than normal. This is the magic behind the suction.

His skin thereby generates a stronger suction to it. He soon realized that he could quite his day job as a graphic designer. Jamie has made up to $8,000 dollars a weekend from his ability doing different promotions. One good days he makes upwards of $1,500 dollars.

Jame and Corbin

The strength of the suction is strong enough in fact—to place a full bottle container on his head and pour the liquid out from tipping his head in an angle. Jamie is the only person in the United States who has his kind of ability.

Recently he returned from Beijing. It was there he set another record for the most cans on his head totaling eight. Curious onlookers were certainly baffled at what they noticed. His interpreter was stopped a number of times by the police. They took noticed of a man walking around with cans on his head. With Jamie’s high skin temperature, he was walking around when it was only nine degrees. His body heat keeps him warm where others would be cold.


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