Orion’s Belt anomalies discovered by hobbyist

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There is much that we don’t understand in outer space. We certainly are not alone, as many might have guessed. A woman named Cari Kindl, spotted an unusual series of anomalies, in what is known as Orion’s Belt. Also known as the Three Kings or Three Sisters, are a series of patterns or group cluster of stars. These are known for being smaller than a constellation. The Belt of Orion, consists of three bright stars known as Alnitak, Alnilam and Mintaka.

Orions Belt constellations

Using the Google Sky program, a rather bizarre series of anomalies were discovered back in 2010. It seems quite strange how all of these star-like anomalies line up in a straight point, across space seen in the photograph. From what is known, this was regarded by someone as just being a tumbling satellite. Whether or not this is true, is another story.

These types of satellites, are believed to flash or flicker when there is a reflective surface upon the satellite. This happens when the satellite reflects the sun towards the observer. After this, illuminated spots are made creating that of a straight shaped line.

Cari noted: “Why would there be a perfectly straight line of disks running from one area to another connected by a stream of light? Also, what is this odd Easter Island statue looking thing beneath it?”

Image: Cari Kindl from YouTube

Image: Cari Kindl from YouTube

(Aside from stargazing, Cari is into quantum physics, Buddhist principles, self-mastery, music and also enjoys writing alongside being a counselor and mother)

Cari explains how there is a straight line, comparing it to a Starburst. The line seemingly appears out of nowhere and ends in the middle of nowhere. Also, it doesn’t appear that what is seen, is attached to a particular star of sorts. Within these lines of lights, are what appears to be small shaped disks.

Orion Belt Anomalies

These markings, set each of these apart as these look to be spread out from one another being evenly spaced apart. Cari compared these disks of lights, to a superhighway with portals all around.

What is this Orion spaceship

Perhaps this is a highway of sorts, during one part of the video Cari highlights what appears to be some sort of UFO spacecraft of some kind. The unusual shape is clearly distinctive to the other anomalies seen in the video. It certainly doesn’t look like a satellite, at least one of ours.

This line of light, continues to remain a mystery, ever since it was first spotted all those years ago by her and perhaps others out there. This is one of the most interesting space discoveries yet.

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