Irish man discovers hidden dungeon under his apartment

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When someone goes to buy a home, they usually look for specific details that they are after. This time around, a man from England, found a one-bedroom studio apartment. The place seemed like a good place to move into, until he did a bit of exploring. Previously, he didn’t get a chance to see the apartment, before paying his first deposit. For future reference, it is best to checkout wherever you might be and scout around before signing the paperwork first.

Secret underground bunker discovered

As he continued checking out his newfound home, he noticed a rather unusual hatch in the floor. He estimated it as being something from the 19th century and knew it was once used as a monastery. Realizing this, he knew that something might be underneath this hatch in the floor. After all, it is quite unusual. Remarkably, this man discovered what appeared to be an underground dungeon of sorts. This place appeared to be used for torture and/or some kind of other experimentation.

Secret underground bunker found in England

This man was shocked to learn of this as anyone would be. It almost appears as if this place was setup for that of a horror film. Either from fear or excitement, he shouted “We have a dungeon!” He went on to mention, that all of this took place back on the 8th of October in 2013.
He posted photos online and made a video showcasing the place. After posting all of this the imagines quickly went viral on social media sites like Reddit.

Hidden dungeon found in England

Someone commented by saying: “You need to mock up some kind of old torture/killing room with some other creepy shit like bloody children’s clothes. When you have friends over and they ask about the trapdoor, make out that you’ve never been down as it looked dirty/dangerous. They won’t be able to resist going down and discovering the scene. It may leave them traumatized, but should make for good stories.”

Another comment was made saying: “”Scary living above this alone.” Someone else responded by saying: “Don’t worry, you’re not alone.”

It is quite bizarre, how there was a hook left behind, yet nothing else was taken. A newspaper was also spotted along the wall, dating back to 1984. Who knows what this place could have been used for previously.

Graffiti room secret dungeon

The place does give off a weird vibe though, as you watch the video footage. Graffiti grabs center stage, as the camera pans across one room. Someone figured out, that the graffiti pertains to the Coventry City Football Club. Leamington Spa, is also close by the Coventry area.

Secret bunker found in the UK

People’s imaginations can go wild with sights like this. In one room, what looks like an altar may have been used to torture and kill people there. Another person said that this place was setup for World War ll. Those living here, would keep underground secret places like this, to store their supplies in. At least, this was the original intention. Who knows what else secretly went on down there. More photos found here.

Another person found a dead body when they went to buy their house. More about that, can be read about here.

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