UFOs spotted 80 years apart seem quite similar

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People have their moments of clarity, in certain moments. This time, a man’s daughter caught quite a comparison from 1937, that looks quite similar to another photograph taken this year in 2017.

UFOs comparable 1937 and 2017

Both of these photographs, appear to show a UFO of sorts, flying through the sky. The first one, was a fluke…randomly taken by 21 year old Leonard Lamoureux and his brother Wilfred. They were photographing Christmas trees and lights back in 1937 in Vancouver, Canada according to Leonard’s daughter, Debra DeCamillis. It was 80 years ago, when this eerily similar flying spacecraft was seen in the skies above Vancouver City Hall.

The second photograph, was taken in Los Angeles, California near Christmas 2017. Others have seen UFOs which look very much like this, in neighboring states like Arizona. Nowadays, people have access to recording things on the fly, compared to the past.

Streaking through the sky, is video footage seen taken 6 days ago…which also looks very much like these UFOs. Is there a connection between each of these sightings, found in different places and time? Perhaps so, but many wonder whether or not these are actually man made. (Watch the video below from Twitter)


Has advanced technology fallen into the hands of governments from around the world? If so, is it possible that this technology…has been reversed engineered from extraterrestrials?

UFO spotted 2017

These flying spacecrafts have been compared to fish and jokingly a single sperm by their resemblance. Keep in mind, that rockets didn’t exist quite yet back in 1937. The very first rocket wasn’t introduced until 1942 when Germany launched the V2 missile. The actual first rocket which was launched, was the Sputnik 1 rocket launched on October 4, 1957. Initially, it was designed by Sergei Korolev, during the Soviet Union period in history.

Vancouver City Hall UFO

It makes for a rather compelling argument, just how this flying UFO made its way in the air back in 1937. And interestingly enough, we have seen numerous UFO sightings around the world. Some of them of course are fake while others remain rather questionable. All of these sightings demonstrate different sizes and shapes seen in the sky.

Quite possibly, these UFOs could be from multiple alien life forms. What some of these might be, is anyone’s best guess. Some of them, may well be probes of some sort scouring the planet for whatever different reasons. One thing is for certain, those who know the truth aren’t talking. Are they afraid of a mass panic happening with the public? Perhaps so, but most everyone would like to know the real truth about UFOs and alien visitation.

MrMBB333 known for his YouTube channel, shares his commentary about these strange coincidences in the video below.

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