Friends Experience Another Reality Together

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It happened to them late at night. She was with her very best friend of 9 years. They began by having an intense conversation about past events in their lives. Sadly, her friend’s mother passed away 11 months earlier.

As the conversation focused on the loss of her friends mother, one of the girls asked, “What if we are apart of something bigger?” Not more than a moment later, both of them felt like they were floating and their bodies drifted…shifting into what they believed to be another reality altogether.

The moment the question was asked, it seemed to immediately happen. Both of the girls were sitting on a bed, but felt like they were weightless without anything else around them.

Inside the room, was an overhead fan. However, no wind could be felt by either of them. They were able to breathe normally yet they didn’t feel the need to. All around them, the atmosphere felt very different.

Two friends experience another reality together

Both of the girls decided to lock eyes with one another. They could best describe their experience as something unlike they have never experienced before. The more they began to focus upon one another, the more one of them witnessed a white silhouette outline appear around the others head and shoulders. 

All of this was very odd. The whiteness was really bright and oddly enough fuzzy as well. This unusual glow, seemed to phase out just past her friend. Both of them seemed to describe a similar sight. However, each of them had a distinctive glow about them. One was a violet type color. 

Amethyst was her friend’s name and the cat even seemed to begin glowing with a green type of aura. Something for sure was happening to both of them and possibly the cat as well. All of this felt very off for both of the girls. They elected to leave the room and head downstairs to see if anything else would be different. 

While walking down the hallway leading to the stairs of the living room both the energy and the atmosphere was quite different than being back in Amethyst’s room.

The living room felt and looked very different. Everything around them was a dull gray series of color. Amethyst’s family was sleeping and it felt like nobody was in those rooms. The friends felt like they were the only ones around for many miles.

Not much else could be heard during this time. Only their whispers to one another and the pitter-patter of their footsteps. Normally, traffic could be heard near the home but not this time. It was silent otherwise. None of the clocks in the home made any noises either. All of it was weird. 

Growing more and more confused, the girls slowly began to sink into a state of utter confusion. They continued to rationalize their experiences. They even began to brainstorm ideas of how they even came to this time and place.

It really seemed like this plane of existence, was trying to imitate their real world reality. Eventually, they made their way outside. Even here, things were very different than they usually are. It was about 5:30 AM by this point and light began to shine through. There were no signs of any animal life either such as birds. 

Typically while going outside a breeze could be felt. Only this time it was gone. No air was in the atmosphere here. It felt like an empty space was all around them. The way the backyard looked was almost picturesque, nothing was moving at all. The trees were completely still, no faint breeze to accompany the leaves. Everything was still unsaturated and dull.

Even the smell around the property was unpleasant to them. It was very unnatural. Yet eerily enough, everything was strangely familiar to them. A sense of nostalgia washed over them.

All of this reminded them of Christmas and the scent of spices mixed with the fresh morning air. Although the smells were very intense. The more they tried to breathe, the more the smell began to fade away.

Both of the girls suddenly heard the phone ring several times. Each time the phone sounded like it rang about two seconds. This phone ring was the most cliche sound ever. Both of them started to freak out a bit. They were scared of someone waking up and seeing they were up as well.

The two decided to wander back to Amethyst’s room after experiencing even further disorientation. One of the girls said, “The only thing that let me knew my body was real was my heart pounding in my chest.” More time had passed then they both realized initially. 

When they woke up later during the following afternoon, they asked Amethyst’s dad and his girlfriend about their phones and if they rang last night.

He said his phone was turned off. His girlfriend has a ring tone song on her phone enabled. Even stranger was neither of the girls phones had any missed calls. Typically, they would get a few phone calls each day.

Neither of the girls had been drinking or using any kind of drug. They admitted to previously being able to stay up for several days at a time. All of this was a random, yet a very strange experience for both of them. They still do not know what to make of this. It seems they believe they experienced another kind of shared reality of sorts.

Once the words were said, “I feel like we are apart of something bigger.” It felt like their reality had shifted. Everything was desaturated, almost gray scale. It didn’t feel like there was any air in the atmosphere, though they were not suffocating. 

We could see each other’s auras and our hearts were beating very hard and fast. It felt like they were the only living beings that existed. There were no sounds besides the noise created by them. 

Everything seemed fake, including the furniture and how the atmosphere both felt and smelled. When they stepped outside, certain things that should be there were actually gone. Some things look like they did in the past or how they would look in the future. Although, some things did stay the same.”

This remains an unexplained mystery to them.

(Source: Reddit)

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