Singer and YouTube personality Poppy believed to be a robot

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She is awkwardly unstable and seems to not “act” human. A YouTube channel, has been established for the artist Poppy. She is a petite sized girl, who performs on camera and on stage. However, there are some people who think she is not even a real human being. While this seems comical, it has now turned into a conspiracy of sorts.

Is this all one elaborate publicity stunt of sorts? Perhaps so, but many are delving deeper into who she really is. Has technology secretly advanced so far, to create and hide an advanced robotic human looking girl?

Image: Poppy "Computer Boy" from YouTube

Image: Poppy “Computer Boy” from YouTube

There is a backstory about Poppy. She allegedly was born as Moriah Rose Pereira in Nashville, Tennessee on January 1st, 1995. When she was a child, she wanted to be a Rockette dancer. This is something she pursued for 11 years, before reaching her now famed status as a musical recording artist. Another source says that Poppy was born in Whitman, Massachusetts and lived in Boston until she was about 14. So, there is a confliction of a background about her already.

Moriah Pereira also known as Poppy

Moriah aka “Poppy” allegedly moved to Nashville when she was 14 years old. She was quoted saying: “I moved here, because my dad switched his job and we kind of wanted to start over, so I was like, ‘Nashville!” Her parents then granted her wish, as they moved. She also proclaimed in an interview, that Poppy has no parents and oddly acts like she is from another world, saying that she sometimes eats. What she eats, is another question altogether.

According to Poppy, her inspiration was from her father, as he played drums in a rock band. She was inspired to become a singer after watching other artists on stage. After a while, she met up with Titanic Sinclair and then moved in with Debby Ryan back in 2013. The year 2015, was important for her, as she then teamed up with Titanic to portray the character Poppy which started her music career from that point.

Poppy has become a YouTube personality with her persona on camera. She is known for her singing, songwriting and dancing. Later, she was signed by Island Records and her debut album EP was titled “Bubblebath” under the name ‘That Poppy’.

Poppy mouth bleed

Something seems off about her, with the way she acts. Perhaps it is her staying in character, but other conspiracies include her being another victim of MK Ultra mind control. This is the code name, which was/is given to certain subjects who have been experimented on.

This was designed by the United States Central Intelligence Agency and was deemed illegal. Many believe, that this still is going on, as public figures have been put in place to influence society in some way with different experimentation’s. It is also believed, that Poppy is somehow wrapped up and apart of the Illuminati agenda.

Poppy Illuminati puppet

In her videos, various symbolism’s are displayed and used including hand gestures made by her. It seems that Poppy is controlled by a group of people feeding her what to say and how to act. The question remains, is she a programmed human or an actual robot?

(Source: Wikia and YouTube)

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