Who Or What Are “The Men In Black” Really?

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Controversy has surrounded just who these men really are. They in fact, may not even be men at all. Speculations have run rampant about these mysterious figures, as they have seemingly appeared after controversial encounters pertaining to things paranormal. 

With so much mystery about these men, eventually they would become a mainstream fascination and even movies have been made about them. It all started back on June 27, 1947. Harold Dahl, was on a conservation mission on the eastern shore of Washington’s Maury Island. It was here, where he was collecting samples and noting them in his logs. 

Harold looked up to see six donut-shaped objects in the sky. They were estimated to be about half a mile above where his boat was. Not long after, one of these UFO objects fell around 1,500 feet from the sky.

Strange metallic debris, rained down as well and struck Harold’s son Dahl on his arm. Their family dog unfortunately didn’t survive, as one of the objects hit the animal.

Dahl managed to snap some photographs of this unusual looking aircraft. Later, they were shown to his supervisor named Fred Crisman. Of course Crisman was skeptical about this. So, he went to the scene of where this happened. It was there, where he noticed a most unusual looking spacecraft of sorts with his very own eyes.

The Men In Black Mystery

The very next morning, Dahl was then visited by a man wearing a black suit. They went to a local diner where the man explained in detail of what just took place. The man wearing the black suit said, “What I have said is proof to you, that I know a great deal more about this experience of yours than you will want to believe.”

The man in black, then seemed to threaten Dahl if he ever spoke about the incident. If he ever did, then bad things would happen to him and his family. As time passed, the entire Maury Island incident was swept under the rug and deemed a hoax. 

Ever since this very first encounter, there have been more reported sightings. Each of them have a similar type scenario. It seems whatever and whenever some witnessed something out of the ordinary, these people were threatened if they went public with their information. 

A recurring theme seems to happen while encountering the MIB (Men In Black). The witnesses are harassed, questioned and/or evidence is collected and the area is covered up in some instances. 

These men in black, typically wear black suits with white shirts and black ties. Their complexions are typically pale and they appear expressionless. Their skin seems smooth and the men have no facial hair to speak of. Physically, they have broad shoulders and narrow waists. Any hair they have is well groomed and often shiny black in appearance. Perhaps they are wearing wigs of some kind.

When these men attempt to speak, they often form broken sentences that sometimes make no sense. At most, they have been seen traveling in groups of three. Their movements are stiff and rigid, as they do not appear to move naturally like a human being would. Sometimes, these men in black are seen carrying briefcases. 

Some have mentioned the vehicles they drive, are often older as they seem like they came from the past. However, others have seen cars they drive being more modern. These vehicles appear expensive and have unusual markings on them like that of a logo or insignia. 

During some incidents, these men in black have even been seen materializing or dematerializing. Perhaps they have different powers or use different devices to aid them. There are different theories about these mysterious looking men.

Perhaps they really are extraterrestrials of some kind sent to silence us. Quite possibly, they could be drones or robots of some kind, used by an advanced alien race.

This would make some kind of sense, since they have trouble communicating verbally. Also, their rather bizarre movements seen remain unexplained as well. It is almost like they are androids of some kind.

Some think that the men in black, are actually part of a secret government agency. This division or branch is kept off the books and they operate very discreetly. Perhaps just like in the movies, their operations are  underground or in other remote locations.

All of this, must be highly classified. Many conspiracy theorists among others think we have rogue agencies doing different things that the public is not made aware of for security reasons.

Is it possible, that the men in black are really just hallucinations or figments of people’s imagination? It seems strange that so many people have come forward over the years explaining their personal encounters.

Why would so many people come forward and from different times to share their personal encounter with them? There are far too many different witnesses who have crossed paths with MIB (Men In Black).

(Source: Anomalien and History)

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