Paranormal team documents haunting at The Capitol Theatre

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The Capitol Theatre PA

There have been reports about a haunted theatre located in Chambersburg, PA quite recently. The building is home to 850 different seats at 159 S Main St, Chambersburg, PA 17201. This theatre hosts various events including community theater and dance performances. Originally constructed back in 1927, this theatre has stood the test of time.

According to the staff at the The Capitol Theatre, there is at least one ghostly spirit which has been haunting the building for a while now. Many suspect there might even be even more, as strange things have been happening. This has caused such a stir, that a paranormal investigative team has been sent in to investigate the alleged haunted location.

Phillips and The Ghost Pit

Known as The Ghost Pit, they are a group of paranormal investigators—who search out bizarre happenings. The team is led by Brian Phillips and his crew Suzanne, Sarah and Miley Byers. Another specialist was brought into the mix as well. Her name is Cathy Gasch.

She is considered to be sensitive to her surroundings and in touch with the spirit world. With her ability to tap into her surroundings, they have begun documenting and recording both video and audio of the theatre.

Deborah Holtry is the box office manager of the theatre. She believes that one of the ghosts was a former organist named Wilford Binder, who was employed at The Capitol Theatre for 25 years. They retired back in the year of 1952. As The Ghost Pit crew demonstrated their video to the staff, they were simply amazed at what they watched.

The video footage was recorded while the theatre had its lights out. As they watched with anticipation, they noticed faint lights…which appeared only to disappear a few mere moments later. This happened in different places, which included a light in the seating area.

This same light then quickly went across the screen, towards the ceiling and balcony locations. These types of light are known to be (orbs of light) which many believe to be traveling spirits. Seen in one frame of video footage, was a faint shape slightly lighter than the dark shapes seen in the theatre.

The Capital Theatre haunting

They made note of the spirit seen in the video, by shouting “yes, I see it!” as they gathered around Phillip’s laptop computer. As Suzanne Byers first entered the building, she witnessed a man standing in one of the doorways which leads into the auditorium. Later, both Cathy Gasch and Suzanne Byers returned to search for this mysterious figure previously seen standing in a doorway during the same time in the evening. This time they noticed nothing.

The Capitol Theatre PA auditorium

When both Phillips and Byers returned to the theatre, they went to investigate the inside of the auditorium area. The section they were in, was the balcony. It overlooks the stage area. They then approached the stage and backstage dressing rooms. While they didn’t have any equipment with them at the moment, they encountered a woman with a blue dress who told them to get off the stage and a man who said they shouldn’t be here.

Neither of them were current staff or performers. Both Philips and Gasch explored further and both of them heard a rather loud slam like a door closing. They also heard footsteps behind them, and the sound of people whispering.

“Over 90 years a lot has happened here,” said current Capitol Manager Jon Meyer. “This is a place that holds a lot of memories, so it is not surprising that people would want to hang around here once they have discarded their mortal shell.”

In 1996, Downtown Chambersburg, Inc. purchased the theatre from the Madisons and re-introduced it on June 6, 2003 as the expanded Capitol Theatre Center designed to be the cultural arts hub of the community and surrounding region.

(Source: Public Opinion)

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