Ectoplasm Seperates Itself From Girl In Picture

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This obscure picture, seems to show quite the spectacle. A young girl was outside posing for a snapshot. Little did she realize ectoplasm was oozing from her body.

Ectoplasm Seperates Itself From Sweet Girl

This type of a substance exudes from a person’s body. It is believed that those more spiritual or attuned to things around them are affected more so than others.

When a medium falls into a type of spiritualistic trance, this material type formation manifests itself around a person, eventually removing itself away.

Manifestation of spirits such as these, are a rare occurrence to ever be captured on camera like this. Perhaps this young woman, was a medium of sorts and able to tap into the energies all around her.

A type of bond can happen with others near and dear to someone. Maybe they were watching out for them from beyond the grave. There have been many stories about near death experiences, where people were saved rather miraculously. Something there around them hinted or even influenced them to change their mind. 

When a ghostly spirit soon realizes that he or she is dead, they aren’t able to do anything else in the living world. Intentional or not, this ghost might even scare a loved one unknowingly as a side effect. People sometimes can feel that something is around them. 

Sometimes they even get goosebumps randomly, it might be a spiritual type energy around them. The ghost or spirit will sometimes continue to linger behind for whatever different reason. As they saying goes, they might have some kind of unfinished business left before they move onward into the afterlife. 

Why spirits haunt people or places for such long periods of time, will likely never be understood by the living. We can only speculate things. Maybe time and space itself are quite different in the afterlife. 

The picture taken is unknown, whoever snapped it didn’t get the girl focused or perhaps even something there was affecting their picture after being printed. It still remains unexplained. 

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