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Girl encounters staircase ghost

Things become rather mysterious as things go bump in the night. This time is no exception, as a young teenage girl, is seen bouncing on a blue ball. She continues talking about playing the Call of Duty video game on the PS3. This video was first uploaded on August 16th, 2010.

August 16 2010 ghost behind girl on blue ball

In the foreground, she is seen talking on her stream of friends and followers—as she continues to babble on. Meanwhile, behind her…seen towards the upper top left part of the doorway, is some sort of ghostly figure which emerges only for a few mere moments. It is rather creepy and after a short while longer, it pushes the half opened door completely shut.

Girl has encounter with a staircase ghost

The girl then gets up and wanders over towards the door, to see what happened. She then says: “Mom?….Mom?”

The video demonstrates the influence this ghostly spirit has on its surroundings and the things in the room. It is perceived that some spirits have the ability to move objects, as they linger between the land of the living and the dead.

Other encounters people have reported about, include being scratched or shoved by something not visibly seen with the naked eye. Quite often people under estimate ghosts, as ghost hunting has become sensationalized on television in recent years.

Girl encounters staircase ghost

What exactly this ghostly spirit was doing here is in question. Was this girl and her family new to the home? A cardboard box is seen far right behind her. The location where this happened is unknown but believed to be somewhere in the United States, as the girl seems to have a southern accent while speaking.

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It is possible that this spirit was fixated on this girl, for whatever reason. When this happens, it might be a loved one who has since passed on or someone close to them they once knew.

Those who believe in reincarnation, think that a ghost can seemingly follow someone around throughout the years. This is out of protection, often acting as a guardian of sorts for the person or animal. Sometimes spirits can also take possession of someones body, as they try and set things right from their previous existence in the world.

This video has been floating around for a while now and has made its way onto some top lists of ghost videos. It is another video, which simply can’t be explained. The girl mentioned that each time she attempted to record videos for her channel, strange things would begin happening including hearing noises and movement within the room around her. It would be interesting to know any updates about her encounters with this ghost.

(Source: Mysterious 5)

(The video is part of a top 5 list, forward to 4:34)

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