The Peaches Geldof ghost hand mystery

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Peaches Geldof ghostly photo

Seen in this Instagram photograph, was an eerie hand captured by mother Peaches Geldof. The daughter of Irish singer and songwriter Bob Geldof. (Bob is the lead singer of Boomtown Rats) Peaches became a celebrity herself, in the United Kingdom and abroad by rising to fame from her socialite status.

Peaches strikes a pose with one of her two children while taking a bath. Whoever this strange looking ghostly hand belongs to, raises many questions. The positioning of the hand is rather peculiar and just doesn’t look normal by any means. Peaches claimed that this haunted hand, may have belonged to the spirit of a woman—who committed suicide in her very home well over 100 years ago.

What Peaches said about her ghost photo:

Peaches Geldof haunted ghost

Further surrounding this spooky photographic mystery, is the unfortunate death of Peaches—as she leaves behind her two children and her husband Thomas Cohen who is a musician. Peaches was only 25 years old and during her short life, she became a model, writer and television hostess. She was found in her home with both of her sons Astala and Phaedra.

The initial cause of death wasn’t determined until later, as it was announced that Peaches died from a massive heroin overdose. A large amount of drug paraphernalia was also found on the premises, as Peaches was suffering from her addictions for several years. The amount of heroin found, had a purity level of 61% percent. This was three times the normal concentration of most street drugs. The value of the heroin found inside was estimated to be around $546 US dollars.

Peaches and Tomas Cohen

Her husband Thomas Cohen, explained how he found her body slumped over on the bed of their spare bedroom where they sometimes slept with one of their children. Thomas stated that his wife had been addicted to heroin but later stopped using it, after various treatments and counseling with specialists.

Friends and family still mourn her loss today. She was well often a controversial British celebrity, as she graced top fashion magazines among the small screen. More controversy surrounded her, as people gossiped about her involvement with a drug-suicide investigation which involved a teenager.

Peaches Geldof ghost hand

In regards to the strange photograph Peaches had taken, it simply can’t be rationally explained. This photo has been floating around the internet without answers. It perhaps is something otherworldly after all. Maybe Peaches tapped into spirits unbeknownst to her, as she was already battling her own inner demons during her short lifetime.

(Source: The Independent and The Paranormal News)

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