Strange alien skull and hand found in Peru

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Alien skull and hand found in Peru

A strange three fingered alien hand has been found in Peru. Two months earlier, a small head was found previously. This hand only has three long protruding fingers without any kind of thumb. The look of it is rather unusual. One can’t help but think, that this hand belonged to that of an extraterrestrial of some sort. Both the shape and size of both of these discoveries are believed to be from the same alien creature. The elongated fingers are typical comparable to many science fiction alien races, seen on the screen.

The artifacts were discovered in the southern part of Peru (believed to be the Atacama Desert) this region is quite dry and is mentioned as being the driest non-polar desert in the world. This area is known for the infamous Nazca lines. While the skull is rather small, it can been seen in the photo able to fit inside the palm of a mans hand.

Some think that this appears to be more of a sculpture created than that of an alien creature. However, nobody can say for sure (at this point in time) as no conclusive evidence has been presented yet documenting this. With all the paranormal activity happening, perhaps something will present itself soon enough.

Small alien head found in Peru

One examiner stated that the skull has a bone substance to it about 3 to 5 mm in thickness. The examiner named Brien Foerster from Hidden Inca Tours removed the skull covering, which then displayed bone marrow. The hand equally looks to be made of the same substance. How far away both discoveries were from each other hasn’t been mentioned yet.

DNA tests have been conducted revealing that this more than likely belonged to a human however it isn’t 100% for sure. The Paracas skull did indicate that it originated from Europe somewhere and Mesopotamia. This means that humans once traveled to South America, far earlier than once previously thought.

Small alien skull compared to human hand

The examiner also mentioned that DNA carbon testing of the skull should be examined by that of a veterinarian. It would be strange that an alien would wander around with a pet of some sort, but perhaps they do. So much is unknown about other things beyond our own world. At this point we can only speculate about what exists.

Alien hand compared to human

The hand seems to have what appears to be an indention of where a fingernail once could have been. This seems odd in itself, perhaps these are remains of not that of an alien but that that of a human/alien hybrid. It is believed that aliens already have integrated themselves into our society. After all, we do come in all shapes, colors and sizes. It wouldn’t be but so difficult to fit in especially in some locations.

(Source: Mysterious Universe)

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