Frightful sounds heard coming from the forests of Canada

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Heard recently, in the wintry snow covered forests of central British Columbia, Canada…were sounds reminiscent of werewolves howling at the moon heard in movies. Some believe, that these sounds are evidence of the fabled Bigfoot creature. At this point, it is anyone’s best guess to what this might actually be.

The theory is, that the sounds heard, are that of a bull moose or elk species which are native to this region. This is possible of course, but not proven yet either. This strange phenomenon captured on this video, isn’t just limited to British Columbia either.

Spooky forest exploration

One man mentioned that in Kingston, Ontario, sounds like this were heard also. He then said, “We caught the same sounds out by the hunting camp …north of Battersea. I’ve lived in the country most of my life and been hunting every year for the last 23. I have never felt a sound like these before. Sounds are the same as yours.”

Comparably, other bizarre sounds have been happening in different places around the world as well. Speculation is, this could even been some sort of alien species making all this noise. Why, where, and when they do, are questions that still remain unanswered.

As expected, there isn’t anyone ready to investigate where the source of this is coming from, out of being terribly frightened. Maybe all of this, is someone playing a practical joke on everyone. This of course is possible as well. Posted on the Mother Nature Network, was a comment saying that these sounds are nothing more than a vocally-gifted elk, celebrating the holiday spirit in the woodlands of Moricetown, B.C.

Also heard in the video, is the cameraman, who simply said: “I don’t know what that is.” They heard these sounds shortly before they started recording it. While going out at night, it is wise to be prepared as you never know what might be lurking around.

Nighttime sounds heard

Whether or not this something paranormal by nature, doesn’t make it any bit less dangerous. Many animals prowl during the night as well and some animals have way better vision than humans do. We are far more vulnerable than our egos lead us to believe otherwise. Perhaps a well prepared team, will dare tread through these mysterious woods during the dark nighttime sky.

It seems that people are basically split in their beliefs about this. Some think that this sound is something unknown…possibly being paranormal. Others think, that an animal is merely marking its territory during the late night hours. Both scenarios, have a sense of wonderment to them. Maybe there is someone out there who knows the truth of this as we await for further updates.

(Source: Mother Nature Network)

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