Police witness levitating dog in Scotland

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In South Lanarkshire, Scotland police stated that they witnessed a levitating dog. The dog was not suspended on any type of wires. They all believe it was an actual paranormal occurrence. The investigation further included wandering through a home where they were in awe of what they saw.

Officers at the scene mentioned they watched clothes flying across the room, there were lights flickering on and off and so forth. Even several lampshades were turned upside down. Other peculiar things included doors slamming shut then opening by themselves suddenly.

Haunted house in Rutherglen Glasgow

A smaller sized chihuahua dog was outside in the garden, when it suddenly moved onto a hedge which stands well over seven feet tall. Baffled by this weird moment, police sought the help of a paranormal investigation team. They are still awaiting assistance.

Home in Rutherglen

The officers also mentioned they had never seen anything like this. Many of the officers have been on duty for more than 20 years. Several of them were skeptics but now have a more open mind about spirits and such.

The family obviously frightened about the situation decided to contact the police. They however waited several days before contacting them. After everything happening they elected to move out of Rutherglen, South Lanarkshire. The veteran police officers are still trying to sort things out about this event.

They believe a poltergeist of some sort is responsible. Perhaps this spirit is restless and was merely acting out upon the living. The family living there are devout Catholics with a strong faith. They also sought out assistance from the local churches in the area. After all of this, the home on Stonelaw Road was cleansed by a blessing by a priest there. Perhaps this is enough to keep the restless spirits away for now anyway.

Nethanfoot South Lanarkshire

The origination of the event started with a woman and her son (who is in his early teenage years). The police were then contacted at the beginning of the week reporting different “disturbing incidents” at the home. Both the mother and son were distressed over the situation. After this event, nobody was harmed physically however on an emotional level they were still distraught over the event.

Being concerned for the family’s welfare, police have elected to check in on them every now and then. No official crime was recorded as it was an unforeseen event which happened on August 8th and 9th. What the police do from here is their call and how the document this in the official record books.

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