Haunted explorations and expectations

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There are a number of people out there who have caught the craze of ghost hunting. Admittedly some of them are out for attention. However, some of them seem fairly legit with their intentions. These videos are rather amusing as two guys from the United Kingdom seek to find paranormal spirits.

Masieh and friends

They decided to explore an abandoned industrial estate and got more than they bargained for—when one of them were jumped by a squatter on the property. Being terrified, they haul ass out of there really quick. These guys have explored several other locations and one of them is uploading on their YouTube channel. His name is Masieh and is from northwest London.

 When people do such things, you always put yourself in harms way, because you never know what is lurking around the corner whether it be a ghost or a raving lunatic. Also, don’t trip up over any remains left behind. Eighteen year old Masieh and his friends have ventured into other places such as the catacombs of Paris.

Masieh and Nightscape

These catacombs have become a tourist attraction originating in the early 19th century. Only those brave enough to enter these now reinforced tunnels must keep a clear mind, as a number of visitors have even been lost inside the 1,550 miles of terrifying tunnel making them a permanent part of the haunted attraction.

Thousands of remains have been left behind from people of all ages. There are so many stories behind these skeletons. Many do believe restless spirits lingering behind in these tunnels. People have reported seeing spirits moving around at various locations.

Of course there have been a few movies made about this place as well. The catacombs are certainly not easy to navigate (as some people found out the hard way) although enough graffiti left behind might help give you some idea.


Murders have happened in the catacombs as well, including a guy in his 20’s who killed his girlfriend with an ax. Other stories include a young man found dead by chance inside the catacombs it was estimated he had been dead between 3 to 6 months. Tread carefully when exploring such a place.

Ghost hunters are always ready to find what going bump in the night. What they may find may be there demise one day. Many things are unknown and undiscovered we simply can’t dismiss different possibilities until more evidence of things come into the light.

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