Can children see ghostly spirits?

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It is difficult to understand children and what they might be thinking. Their imaginations are very active and sometimes it continues into adulthood. However, many have believed that children hold a sense of spirits around them. They are able to see what might be there, whereas we simply cannot. Perhaps because their soul is untainted by the world we live in today.

This makes them pure and able to connect to the spiritual plane of existence. There have been numerous encounters reported by parents suspecting their children of seeing spirits. Even family pets have been witnessed acting strangely in certain rooms or other locations. When children are playing with their imaginary friends, are they in actuality playing with a ghostly presence?

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The unknown still has many questions to be answered but encounters such as these are typical for young children. Others believe that in fact—the ghosts are really some sort of demonic entity or angel instead. In religion, it has been written that each person has a guardian angel standing by them, to protect them from harm. There have been miracle type moments of accidents where it simply has to be true. There is no defined logic to someone walking away from an accident that should have killed them.

For children, it is normal for them to have active imaginations, but overactive might be a red flag for something else interfering in your child’s life. Pay close attention to how they interact with their imaginary friend. They may well be seeing something that could really be there. It is foolish to simply dismiss any type of possibility in our world. The wiser person keeps an open mind to everything and everyone around them.

If someone thinks that their child may be seeing ghosts, then there are some theories which may shed some light about this. One of these theories is…that all of us are naturally born with the ability to connect with the other side. The reason for this is, that the person hasn’t conformed to the mainstream of society and what most believe is actually possible. As people grow older, they lose their ability to believe in things unknown and as time passes their natural ability fades with it. Most people become cynical as they grow older.

Babies will often fixate on one point, a mother might observe her baby smiling at something off in the distance. This next theory is that a young baby can still see things beyond what we can from being newly born into this world. After-all, they have only left the spirit world recently. This gives them more attuned eyes to see those both leaving and entering our world in certain moments.

Another theory, is that adults can only see between 400-700 nanometers on an electromagnetic spectrum. The amount a child can see is at 380 nanometers. Ghosts are believed to be seen in this infrared range. Adults are more limited than children are by comparison with their vision. Children are likes sponges able to absorb everything around them, while they continue to grow and learn things. The next time your child is off staring in space, they may well be witnessing a ghostly spirit wandering by.

One person mentioned this:

When my daughter was only three years old, she had an imaginary friend named Kelly, who lived in her closet. Kelly slept in a rocking chair while their daughter slept on her bed. The husband and wife went to watch the remake of the Amityville horror movie one evening, their daughter walked out of the room when the girl with black eyes appeared on the screen. Their daughter said “That looks like Kelly.” The mother said: “Kelly who?” The daughter replied: “You know the dead girl that lived in my closet.”

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