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After 43 Years, Mother Finds Only Clothes Left Inside Son’s Coffin

This case is still being investigated into. A mother named Lydia Reid from Scotland, discovered after 43 years, her son’s corpse gone from inside of his coffin. A court order was made many years later, to have his body exhumed. Lydia had to fight against the system, along with the help of Professor Dame Susan

Does the Loch Ness Monster linger deeper?

For many years, people have often wondered about the Loch Ness Monster. There have been many sightings documented about the fabled lake type monster. However, many if not all of these sightings, have been proven to be fake. New found evidence suggests, that it is possible this water beast, may be lingering deeper than ever

The ghost photos of Tantallon Castle

The image of this, almost looks like a short court jester albeit a ghostly one. Known to be a haunted area, this location has brought many paranormal investigators to the scene. The countryside here has quite the view, being not far from the north sea in the United Kingdom. Edinburgh is due west from here.

In memoriam of Sylvia Browne

The world lost a lady who had a controversial career—she was ridiculed for being nothing more than a fraud, yet some of her predictions actually came true. Celebrity psychic Sylvia Browne died on Nov. 20th at the age of 77 from unknown causes. This ended her reign as a leader in the psychic world. She

Amateur photographer captures Loch Ness monster on camera

(Urquhart Castle ruins, Loch Ness) This legend has been around for ages. It has perplexed many people and certainly has brought forth a number of tourists to the local area. Known as the Loch Ness monster or its nickname “Nessie” is thought to be a remaining dinosaur that managed to survive underwater throughout the ages