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Ghost at Tantallon Castle closeup

The ghost photos of Tantallon Castle

The image of this, almost looks like a short court jester albeit a ghostly one. Known to be a haunted area, this location has brought many paranormal investigators to the scene. The countryside here...


In memoriam of Sylvia Browne

The world lost a lady who had a controversial career—she was ridiculed for being nothing more than a fraud, yet some of her predictions actually came true. Celebrity psychic Sylvia Browne died on Nov....


The hooded ones

Spirits can manifest themselves into different things, this time they were draped with cloaks and hoods. These rather ghastly fellows appeared before a young man who at the time lived in the highlands of...


Police witness levitating dog in Scotland

In South Lanarkshire, Scotland police stated that they witnessed a levitating dog. The dog was not suspended on any type of wires. They all believe it was an actual paranormal occurrence. The investigation further...


Scotland man snaps photo of UFO

In Scotland a man from Dysart, Fife named John Macdonald snapped what appears to be an alien vessel flying in the sky. Some think this is nothing more than a passing drone, however flying...


Eilean Mor Island Mystery

Not far from Scotland, lie the Flannen Islands. During this time, three men including: Donald McArthur, James Ducat, and Thomas Marshall worked at the lighthouse. They more or less were guardians of sorts protecting...