Bigfoot Gets Photographed Lurking By Window

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It seems that while you might be sleeping, there could be someone or something in this case watching you. One man from Colorado, allegedly snapped a photograph which shows Bigfoot looking inside his room. He was both fascinated and nervous to see something such as this peering back at him, like anyone would be.

Bigfoot in window

This snapshot was taken back in 2017, Scott Yeoman said he took a number of photographs when this happened. It is unknown where exact in Colorado where this happened but since this incident, many have become interested in this story.

Scott went on to say, “In August of 2017, we were finishing the interior of the back of the house and I came into the living room and caught a whiff of a VERY harsh odor in the room. It smelled like rotting animal flesh, vomit, and excrement.”

“I caught a glimpse of something moving outside the window from the corner of my eye. We have had bears visit pretty regular but they tried to get under the house, not in it. But when I saw the figure by the window I thought a bear had somehow climbed up to the window.”

“I used a cheap kodak sport digital camera for taking pics and for the most part, it takes fast action pictures/ video. It was on the end table next to my recliner approximately 6 ft from the window. ”

From what is understood, Scott wandered off and looked for his gun after taking these photos. As he returned the Bigfoot was all but gone. Scott said when he turned back to shoot towards this intruder, it quickly moved away from the window and then ran off into the forest never to be seen again.

His wife was worried about their safety and then called the police, three officers arrived to investigate what was happening.

“Their conclusion was most likely a bear or other wildlife, until I showed them the playback. When they reviewed it, two of the three were impressed and the third was like “it’s a bear.”

(Source: Anomalien)

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