Possessed Or Drugged Asian Girl Screams On Bed Creepily

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This rather odd video, seems to show a young Asian woman who at first is seen talking with someone in the room. Narration in Spanish, can be heard during the first part of the video, then the woman is seen passed out. Did she faint and pass out on her own or was she given something? Often people slip drugs into people’s drinks out at clubs, maybe this is what led to all of this.

The camera cuts over to her, laying down on the bed, after someone else was there with her. It is suggested that they placed her on the bed moments before this. Who was this person? Was this her friend or was she drugged intentionally?

A text graphic is seen at the bottom of this video, with the words “Creepy Phobia” written on it. Perhaps this is from the original video upload, but this is mere speculation. Throughout the video, this woman’s face is blurred out during certain moments.

Possessed Asian girl bizarre video

During the first part of the video, microphones can be seen hanging in the background on the wall. This would explain the rather bizarre sounds heard, when she sits up in bed screaming. Otherwise, this makes for an even stranger moment recorded on video. More than likely, this all was staged and setup but this is just a guess.

Bloody hand prints are seen on the bathroom floor. Again, this looks questionable but it makes one wonder whether or not she or someone else there, was injured and/or killed. The entire video comes across as a great oddity. Maybe this is part of some kind of production or indie film. Maybe someone out there knows more about this rather strange video.

If this is a true possession of some kind, then this woman was affected by some kind of demonic type force. One thing for sure, this video has people wondering.

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