This 90’s French Puppet Show, Might Give You Nightmares

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This television series is known as “Les Minikeums”. The show series, featured a variety of puppet performers. Now, when people look back at it, the series comes across as being really creepy.

Some people have even had nightmares after watching this. It makes one wonder what people were thinking when the made it. Perhaps it was far more innocent with its original intention but now it seems a bit out there.

Les Minikeums creepy character

A lot of content made for children is getting far more weird than before. It is no wonder why children see things differently than before. The series features a teen pop band, who perform their songs during each skit. Overall, the series was intended to be funny and laid back – with the puppet band doing their thing.

These disturbing lifelike puppets, are a sight to be unseen…as they sing and dance across the screen. The series lasted for a while, from 1993 up until 2002. The reason they canceled the series was due to production costs. It was far too expensive to keep on the air amidst the ratings.

Many look back at the series with fond memories but others wondered what the hell they thinking creating this? It seems outrageous but things like this can psychologically scar some folks out there. Especially those who watched rubbery, blank-eyed homunculi every day.

Oddly enough, the series actually became fairly popular with adults as well. This was thanks in part to the many parodies done on the show. Some of these included franchises like Star Wars and Alien among others.

Also, there were jokes about different celebrities as well. One might even compare this to the United Kingdom series “Spitting Image”. However, “Les Minikeums” is far less risque.

Several albums were even released along with a few of the singles which reached the top of the French pop charts back then. These included “Ma Melissa,” a parody of 90’s boy-bands like NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys.

Puppeteering has come a long ways, even since this series aired. Perhaps puppets come across less creepy than before to some people. To others, they are still nightmarish.

(Source: 13th Floor)

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