Man Shot In The Face, Reacts Like He Is Possessed By The Devil

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This man was recorded by staff workers at Miguel Couto Hospital in Rio de Janeiro. He apparently was shot in the face. The bullet passed through one side of his cheek and out the other. The unidentified man, appears to lurk around the hospital hallway, leaning back unnaturally. His face is bloody which gives him a further menacing persona. Questions about this incident still remain unanswered. 

Possessed man at hospital

He continues to repeat himself, staggering around bleeding. The staff are so caught off guard, that nobody seems to approach him during the video. It is assumed that he was detained and treated after a while. Otherwise, the staff here aren’t doing their jobs very well.

Those who have watched the disturbing video, mostly believe he is possessed by something. Was he on some kind of drug like Flakka or something else? Sometimes people have incredible strength after taking certain drugs. There have been stories about people being unstoppable after being on angel dust otherwise known as PCP (phencyclidine) for example.  

If this man was on Flakka, then he seriously was in trouble. This synthetic type drug, has been blamed for face-eating type attacks. It will make you lose your mind, causing spasms, spouting verbal gibberish among making other strange noises. Those on this kind of drug, are completely unpredictable and very dangerous. This would explain why everyone was staying back away from him at first anyway.

Most curiously, is the way the man continues to keep his body unnaturally bend backward as he moves around the hallway. After seeing this and the way his eyes look, many are left thinking he truly was possessed by a demonic type force, they look completely dilated.

His body is in such an unnatural position that isn’t “human”. Also, his eyes never seem to blink. He comes across as being “off” and people don’t know what to make of this rather bizarre video. 

Quite possibly, he could be reacting to different pain killers unable to sit still. His body may be reacting to medications as seen during the video. The original video was entitled, “The Joys of Working at Miguel Couto Hospital in Rio”.

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