Roswell Fireworks Explosion, Leaves People Questioning What Really Happened

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It happened recently when a dozen firefighters in Roswell, New Mexico were packing fireworks for the upcoming July 4th celebration. Due to the location of this incident, some people are wondering if the explosion was created to misguide something else going on that is of alien origin. Was this a mere distraction of sorts to divert attention away from the real truth of things? The claim seems outrageous but so is the world at this point.

Roswell New Mexico explosion June 5 2019

City spokesman Todd Wildermuth, mentioned that the location is actually in the south part of Roswell. Authorities have not yet said what exactly caused the explosion yet. But it happened at around noon on 6/5/19.

The grounds of the Roswell International Air Center, functions as a commercial airport. The fireworks storage building, is located far away enough from the airport so operations were not affected according to Wildermuth.

From what is understood, the New Mexico State Police and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives are taking lead roles in the investigation. Other agencies include the Roswell Fire Department, Roswell Police Department, and the FBI who are assisting as well.

Several firefighters at the scene, suffered serious injuries. Others who were there were sustained only minor injuries and were treated at the scene of the alleged accident. With this location, comes many stories of hidden cover-ups and questionable practices here.

Some think people are paid off to keep quiet around these parts. The rumors have swirled here ever since 1947, when an unidentified flying object crashed down here. Many still think that the government has kept things under wraps for quite a while. Perhaps even, we have managed to reverse engineer technology from the crash, among other incidents which has led to what we have today.

The population of Roswell is around 48,000 people. The area is located in the southeastern part of New Mexico and is 200 miles from the state capital of Albuquerque. Speculations are running wild at this point. Is this a cover up or did these firefighters happen to have a bit of bad luck? Hopefully these guys will be okay.

(Source: US News)

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