Student awakens with psychic power

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Rob Ball

(A photo Rob uploaded on Facebook)

His name is Rob Ball, and years ago he was dealt a nearly fatal blow to the left side of his brain. It happened in the South part of Essex. Rob was viciously attacked in 2009. The 6’8? “gentle giant” was in a coma for two weeks, and his family thought he would never recover. At the time of this event, he was 23 years old. Normal functions like walking for him had to be relearned all over again, as miraculously he has recovered only with more abilities than he had before. Whether or not he is 100% accurate in his readings isn’t proven however he seems to have been blessed with a gift.

Psychic reading

Not long afterward, he started to realize that something was different. Rob has now discovered the ability to foresee the future as a psychic to some degree. He has gained the supernatural power of being clairvoyant or able to predict a series of events, which may happen. Rob’s mother, Chrissie Bacon, mentioned that he had found her keys which she lost in her mother’s home. Rob is now 30 years old and has even predicted the sex of seven different babies which have yet to be born. He admits that he now wants to become a professional psychic and try to help others as he continues to work on his skills.

Rob Ball card reading

This kind of thing is quite unusual, take for example those born with different mental disorders may excel at a particular skill. Each person is either left or right brained. The left brain is more inclined to math and science while the right brain is geared more towards creativity. Most people are a balance of both sides. But in some extreme cases, some people have demonstrated their gift to such a far extreme.

Soon after the devastating attack on him he said: “It feels like my head is going to blow up and I’m convinced I’m going to die all the time now, because it’s had such an impact on my life”.

“I get déjà vu all the time. I don’t know if it’s something to do with the head injury, but I keep thinking ‘I remember this before’, and think something is about to go wrong.”

After leaving the hospital, Rob Ball began to hear voices in his head which told him things about other people:

“Soon they were so clear that I was telling people what popped in my head about them – often strangers in the street. I was getting messages predicting illness, love and death. People are shocked when I can tell them personal details.” “I was getting messages predicting illness, love and death”.

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