Trash Can Miraculously Opens Lid And Collects Trash From The Ground By Itself

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A small video clip was uploaded onto the site Imgur and makes one wonder what exactly happened. What appears to be a trash can located behind some kind of business seemingly “grabs” litter nearby. What are the odds the wind did all of this? Some think this was the work of a ghostly spirit of some sort.

Trash Can Miraculously Opens Lid And Collects Trash From The Ground By Itself

When things like this happen it makes one wonder what exactly is going on in our world. Perhaps there is more there beyond what we can humanly see. It is unknown where this took place, but the day was overcast and this may have happened after a storm. A date can be seen displaying 2/16/20 on the top left part of the screen and it is assumed it happened on that Sunday. 

The video appears to have been recorded by someone holding their camera phone in front of a monitor. Is this an attempt at mother nature cleaning up after us? 

A droplet of condensation creates a water blur towards the end of the video. That water spot was too slow to cover up the miracle of sorts that seemed to happen. Some believe there are spirits always around us, they could be lost relatives or friends who are there watching over us. 

Maybe a spirit decided to do a little bit of cleanup on this day. Otherwise, this is one amazing series of natural events or some good digital manipulation happening. The clip only lasts for a short while but really makes you scratch your head.

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