Meteorite hits woman and she lived

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Ann and her husband

In 1954, a woman had the unfortunate experience to be hit by a meteorite. This is an extraordinarily rare occurrence. The odds of being hit by a meteorite are 1 in 1,600,000. Another statistic states the odds are 1 in 700,000. Either is quite extraordinary.

Anne Hodges is the only known person who lived to tell the tale, after being struck by a 7 pound meteor which first bounced off her radio. It was documented in late November. It happened in Sylacauga, Alabama. Some other people were probably not so fortunate.

Ann Hodges

These freak accidents could not have been predicted or prevented as like many things, they are simply meant to happen. Anne was hit by a hunk of black rock in her side, which crashed through her ceiling. She was taking a nap at the time on her sofa. She had to fight later with her landlord over the ownership of the space rock and eventually suffered a nervous breakdown. She later died in 1972 from kidney failure at the Sylacaugan nursing home. She said “I think God intended it for me. After all, it hit me!”

Alabama Ann Hodge sign

(The meteorite is currently on display at a museum and this sign is dedicated to her)

There is a lot of space junk floating around Earth, there is an estimated 5,400 tons of rubbish is floating just outside our atmosphere. Some of this has fallen back to Earth over the last 40 years. There are 28 different satellites which have entered this year (2016) alone.

NASA is currently tracking well over 800 different objects which are 1 kilometer in size. Anything larger than 3 kilometers is considered a global catastrophic risk. Something like this actually hitting our world is expected to only happen every few million years. So, we are safe. (for now at least)

A rare example of someone being hit from above, would be someone firing a gun straight into the air then having the falling bullet hit them in the head. It is nearly impossible, but there is that small chance it could happen. Talk about having bad luck.

The bullet would be traveling 150 miles per hour, factoring in the air resistance, it would travel around 68 miles per hour (as it travels back towards you). This is enough to penetrate the skin and even suffer internal injuries (from the bullet round striking you).

The odds of this, are 1 out 6,000. Other examples include being in a car accident. This one truly is scary as the odds are 1 in 90. Other things include being burned in a fire 1 in 60,000 or hit by a tornado 1 in 135,000. The consensus is you are more likely to win a lottery drawing.

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