Woman dies returning from another dimension

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Anita Moorjani

This astounding tale of triumph was presented by stage 4 cancer survivor Anita Moorjani. She has since gone on to become a best selling author. She shares her extraordinary tale, about how she returned to life and was able to tap into her consciousness into the afterlife. Spiritually, she was able to resurrect herself for some divine reason. There is something much more powerful, beyond what everyone knows in our life here on Earth.

Anita Moorjani newspaper clip

Anita released her book ‘Dying to Be Me‘ and she shares the trials and tribulations of an out of body experience—between the land of the living and dead. Ultimately, she was able to return home happier and healthy than ever before. Anita goes on to explain, how we are much more important than we realize, in our physical existence in this realm of existence.

Her sincerity gives her a level of believe-ability. Anita battled Hodgkin’s Lymphoma for four years, one morning, she woke up not being able to move anymore. Quickly, her husband took her to the hospital, as doctors searched for answers. It was determined, that she had grade 4B lymphoma. Her body inside, was beginning to shut down. Doctors determined she wouldn’t live more than another 36 hours. At some point she lost all consciousness.

As Anita passed out, she began her spiritual journey, as she was soon aware of everything around her. Everything was presented to her in a new way. She was able to listen to her husband, who was standing in the hallway distraught over her condition—while he was speaking with several different doctors.

Her brother she could see all the way back in India, who was boarding a plane so he could come see his sister, at the Hong Kong hospital she was staying in. She could connect to everything in another way—unknown to us in our every day lives. It is as if she became a ghostly spirit and was able to teleport around wherever she wished.

Anita Moorjani back from the dead

It is difficult to believe in afterlife tales such as this, it is really tough to believe without any proof. Perhaps she is telling the truth of things, one cannot know until ultimately they have left this world them self. Anita was born March 16, 1959 (age 57) and she is now an intercultural consultant for multinational corporations. Spiritual teleportation perhaps is a possibility in the afterlife, before one moves onward.

One thing is for certain, those who have died, share the common memory of leaving their bodies. These people are able to float around, into another form of existence or able to transcend to different places on here on Earth as they then return to the land of the living once again.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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