More NASA hoax theories unveiled

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NASA control room

When people donate to NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) they believe that their generous donations and other contributions are for a noble cause. However, for years many have doubted where the real funding is going.

International Space Station orbiting Earth

Many people believe that most, if not all of what we have seen, is nothing more than an elaborate hoax. What is orbiting the Earth, may be empty shells with nothing much left inside of them. The communications are manipulated in such a way digitally, that it seems real to the viewer. While telescope shots can zoom in on space probes, stations and satellites, people may just be looking at studio production props.

Incredibly, the biggest theory is, that we are living in a bubble or box-like environment. We are being control by either a group of people or something else entirely. Why and when this started is still questionable as well. Perhaps there is some divine reason for all of this, as for sure nobody truthfully knows the real answers. It is all just speculation at this point in time.

NASA woman Astronaunt of Expedition 26

The NASA videos in different varieties, are presented with people standing or suspended by wiring. Other tactics include, female astronauts having their hair sprayed heavily, to make it appear like they are suspended in the air from no gravity. Any objects they may be holding are suspended by string or clear wires. Some are referring to these actors or “Astronauts” as “Actornaunts”.

Is is possible, that another rogue operation is receiving off the books funding and donations? Meanwhile, they are using NASA as a funnel…to further their funding some believe. There are people, who are getting rich off this ponzi scheme. People are taught very early on in school, about how science works and how various things supposedly happen. These different theories, are nothing more than speculations, swayed a certain way…to keep people in line with their thinking.

International Space Station glitch conspiracy

The following video by SecureTeam on YouTube, displays three astronauts who allegedly are on the space station. Everything seems quite normal until the astronauts themselves begin to glitch out. Some of the background around them, also seems to become unstable due to this glitch. It is interesting how they specifically are seen changing.

This is just another example of something being covered up by NASA and others who are involved. Flat Earth believers think, that in actuality, we have never left the atmosphere. It is remarkable to believe this, but it could be a possibility. With all of the studio creations which have been made on different space missions dating back into the 1960’s, anything is possible now.

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