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UFO Fly’s Over Grand Canyon, Visitor Snaps Photo

While things like this can often be missed and quickly pass by, one visitor at the Grand Canyon located in Arizona managed to snap a most compelling photograph. Whatever this was, it passed by rather fast.  The object in question doesn’t seem to resemble a bird, it appears to have the shape of an unknown

Exorcist Rids The World Of Demonically Challenged People

There are men and women of religious faith, who defy all expectations. They are more saint than sinner. These people, are believed to have been sent to the Earth, as servants of the almighty God itself. Perhaps some of them have good intentions, but clearly there are those who are nothing but charlatans. Their heart

Alien Slayer Sells His $5 Million Dollar Stardust Ranch

His name is John Edmonds and he lives about an hour west of Phoenix, Arizona. During his life, he has encounter and claims to have killed a number of Grey alien entities. Fed up with fending off these alien fiends, John and his wife, have decided to sell their property worth an estimated $5 million

Bigfoot Fetus Found While Camping In Arizona

Allegedly, a man was out with his friend camping, when he came across what resembles a small Sasquatch (Bigfoot) creature. It is small and looks almost puppet-like. He insisted upon documenting all of this with his camera. As they approached where the Bigfoot corpse was found, there was a foul stench covering the entire area.