Exorcist Rids The World Of Demonically Challenged People

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There are men and women of religious faith, who defy all expectations. They are more saint than sinner. These people, are believed to have been sent to the Earth, as servants of the almighty God itself. Perhaps some of them have good intentions, but clearly there are those who are nothing but charlatans. Their heart is in the right place, without exception. Some of them come across rather comical intentional or not.

An example of this, would be Pastor Bob Larson. He is a television and radio evangelist from the Spiritual Freedom Church in Phoenix, Arizona. Bob has also authored a number of books related to Satanism and rock music. Early on in his life (as a musician) his experiences swayed him to denounce the influences of this type of music.

Bob Larson

Bob has even debated with satanists in discussions and made appearances over the course of his life with audiences. Back in 1982, he created a show known as “Talk Back”. This two-hour weekday call-in show, was aimed at teenagers dealing with different issues, such as role-playing games and rock music. As time passed, so did the music tastes of the people. Heavy metal and rap music, was often criticized by the pastor.

Bob Larson Exorcism Brendas Curse

Fast Forward to the the late 1980’s…when Larson began performing exorcisms of callers on air. Quite often, these would be broadcast. Both Satanism and Satanic ritual abuse were focus points.

Back in 2013, Vice magazine went with Bob to several small towns in the Ukraine. They recorded him on video, performing his exorcisms. Accompanying him, were 3 young women including his daughter Brynne Larson and her friends Tess and Savannah Sherkenback. During this time, they were between 18-21 years old. These 3 women, were nicknamed “The Teenage Exorcists”. The girls questioned Vice magazines intentions and how they were portrayed respectively.

Bob Larson And Daughters

Other quirky and questionable things Larson has done, includes him performing exorcisms over the Skype chat platform. For a mere $295 dollars, Larson will rid your troubled soul from demons and other entities. Larson mentioned, “Skype is a great technology to stare down the Devil, to go after him and to kick him back to hell.” He later stated that “Tweeting an exorcism would be ridiculous.”

Even more ridiculous, are the people taking these exorcisms seriously. Watch below, as Bob rids the world of these demonically challenged people. Warning, you might die from uncontrollable laughter!

(Source: Wikipedia)

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