Alien Slayer Sells His $5 Million Dollar Stardust Ranch

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His name is John Edmonds and he lives about an hour west of Phoenix, Arizona. During his life, he has encounter and claims to have killed a number of Grey alien entities. Fed up with fending off these alien fiends, John and his wife, have decided to sell their property worth an estimated $5 million dollars in Buckeye, Arizona. This location has been simply nicknamed “Alien Ranch”.

Image: John Edmonds Stardust Ranch for sale Arizona

Image: John Edmonds Stardust Ranch for sale Arizona

John, along with his wife…have rescued animals that were believed to be in some kind of danger. Wielding a Samurai sword, he has laid waste to a number of alien intruders. Fearing for his life and his wife’s, he has had numerous battles with the Grey aliens. John even has scars on his body, as proof of his alien encounters. In total, he claims to have killed 18 different aliens so far.

From their listings online, their home includes a 3,500 square feet of living space, along with RV hookups, gated entry, stables, air conditioning and the possibility of alien visitation. The home itself, does include a swimming pool. This truly is a one of a kind property, with unlimited potential, according to realtors and the Edmonds.

It is unknown why John and his wife, have been targeted by the Grey aliens. The Grey aliens, are the most popular aliens within culture. They are believed to be the henchmen for a higher up alien type of entity.

Alien ranch for sale in Arizona

These aliens, are believed to be responsible for assisting in various abductions from around the world, that have been reported about. Forty-three percent of all reported alien encounters in the United States are described as Grey aliens. It is unknown what exactly they are capable of with their abilities.

The speculation of their origination, is them being some kind of interdimensional time travelers that may even be machines. Their appearance consists of them having smooth grey-colored skin, enlarged hairless head and large black eyes. Far too many people, share their fate with these aliens. Many of these stories have remained consistent over the years.

Greys quite typically have been depicted as dark grey-skinned diminutive humanoid beings. They do not seem to have human organs such as a nose, ears or other typical human features.

There are many who doubt John’s intentions, believing this is no more than some kind of real estate scam setup. It is unknown as to why John and his wife, are interesting in selling now. They have lived at the ranch for 20 years.

John described a time, when he walked in on three aliens levitating his wife off her bed. He grabbed a Samurai sword and killed the aliens on the spot. During an interview, he said, “If you don’t take their heads, they will disappear.” This explains why he had no physical evidence, other than his scars to prove anything.

John Edmonds alien scar

Another incident happened involving his wife. She was levitated down the hall and out into the yard. After this, she was taken into a ship. John said, “There was a cone of light, it came down, and she started to rise into that cone of light. I grabbed an AK-47 with a double banana clip in it, and I went outside and I opened up.”

Perhaps the couple will be able to sell their paranormal paradise in the desert…to the right buyer. Maybe there is someone out there who is interested after all. Still though, the name of the ranch is fitting.

(Source: Miami Herald)

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