Hikers Find Humanoid Being In Abandoned Mine

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While they were out hiking one day, a couple from Yuma County, Arizona wandered around in the wild for a while. It wasn’t until they came across an abandoned mine where they spotted something rather unusual. Whatever this thing was, it resembled what is known as a rake. 

These types of creatures or entities are considered to be human-like by appearance. However, they are not human at all. They also are not really ghosts either. These have been a part of folklore and urban legends for a while and have been written about on the internet on places like Creepypasta. 

the Rake Arizona abandoned mine
Image: YouTube

From what is understood, these types of humanoid creatures attack humans for whatever reason. Because of this, they are considered aggressive and dangerous. Most of the encounters with these rake creatures are in a negative sense. From what is understood, The Rake must nourish itself much like a vampire does. This would mean it eats the flesh of the living and possibly drinks blood as well. One would think that this kind of entity would have a higher sense of its surroundings, including being faster and overwhelming its victims with brutal force and strength. 

Most everyone who reported seeing or being attacked by these has suffered some kind of psychological trauma of some kind. A number of theories about them have manifested over the years including being merely a creation from the internet. Others think otherwise as they have been nothing more than a figment of their imagination. This includes people drinking alcohol and then being delusional. 

Humanoid Being Arizona Abandoned Mine
Image: helenastales.weebly.com

Maybe they merely imagined it altogether but how could multiple people see the same entity at once? This couple both felt they experienced something simultaneously. The Rake is also compared or included in conversations just like the Slender Man. 

The Slender Man is an internet meme and also has become the subject of a number of video games as well. Some think that this Slender Man is based upon more ancient folklore stories. Just like The Rake, Slender Man is often seen or described as being a scrawny type man who lurks within the wilderness. 

Often these type entities are described as having distinctive features which include self-mutilation and other psychological type disorders. Most certainly many things are faked for views but it is interesting. Whether or not this couple actually found some kind of rake or whatnot is questionable. However, what is seen does look quite bizarre. Perhaps it is nothing more than some kind of digital effect but it does make one wonder about it.

The very first account of the Rake was described in a mariner’s log dating back to the year 1691. It wasn’t until the 1800’s when the Rake was further described as having hollow black eyes and a slender appearance. One suicide note was found documenting someone being terrorized by one of these Rake type creatures. Indeed it is quite puzzling but fascinating to think these type humanoid beings could exist. 

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