Art Bell Archive

Paranormal expert Art Bell speaks from beyond the grave

Art was original in every sense of the word. He was the first host, of the paranormal-themed radio program, Coast to Coast AM. Art was a firm believer in paranormal related subjects including but not limited to aliens, ghosts and more. Art Bell died this year, back on April 13, 2018 he was 73 years

Apocalyptic Emergency Alert message broadcast to California residents

Not long ago, (Sept 21, 2017) in Orange County, California, a rather bizarre broadcast took place. For residents here, they quickly noticed this unusual broadcast message. Displaying on their screens, were the words ‘Emergency Alert’ along with an orange/red bar, which was seen at the bottom of their television screens. This series of unusual broadcast

The infamous Area 51 alien video interview

On Friday July 26th, 1996 the offices of Rocket Pictures received a phone call. On the other end of the line, was a male voice identifying themselves as “Victor”. What they mentioned was quite incredible, as they claimed they had a copy of an interview with an extraterrestrial being. The footage originated from the infamous

Paranormal radio host mysteriously disappears

Paranormal radio host seemingly retires yet nobody has seen him as of late. It is rumored that Art Bell (born June 17, 1945 age 71) had someone shoot at him in his remote ranch located in the middle of nowhere. There have been no official police records reported and it is rumored he decided to