Canadian Couple Crosses Paths With Weird Demons In The Wild

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A couple experienced something quite extraordinary not far from Port Renfrew, British Columbia. The location is roughly about a 10 minute drive and is near the end of the Juan de Fuca river. Both of them were here before and it was a place they enjoyed going to. There is camping nearby, yet there is no cell phone reception for miles. Instead of setting up their own camp, they elected to stay inside of their van.

As the night continued on, they had a few drinks while listening to music. One of them decided it was time for a bathroom break, so they went outside to pee. To their surprise, there were sparks and flames coming down by the river.

They were spooked, so they went back inside of the van explaining to their partner something weird was going on. This is when they both noticed, what appeared to be flashlights coming from the woods. They at first, thought it was a group of people and they started to get concerned. They had no idea what these ‘people’ were doing, with what seemed like torches and flashlights.

Canadian Couple Crosses Paths With Weird Demons In The Wild

Flames and lights seemed to be coming from everywhere, including all around their van. They noticed reflections from the flames from where these figures were. The night was pitch black, there was enough light to see some details. These figures seemed to be wearing clothes and had faces. At first, these figures seemed to be wearing green masks and were dressed in green outfits as well. A few of them appeared to be carrying a bows and arrows. They took aim at their van, ready to pepper arrows at them. Both of them thought this was it, they were going to die.

When a few these humanoid figures approached their van, they then noticed more details. They could see their faces, only now they now seemed to be wearing a mix of knight armor and scales. These figures had what looked like guns holstered on their backs. The masks they were wearing, appeared to be made from some kind of wood.

The few that approached the van closer, had hoods on as well along with spikes on their purplish armor. They stared at the couple inside of the van. The three who stood there before them, pointed violently at this couple. They couple were both petrified yet desperately wanted to leave. They were like deer caught by headlights. It appeared as if these figures even had camera and/or cell phones. Were these people possessed or a part of some kind of cult?

This is when things got even weirder, animals began to run from behind them. It was as if they were in control of them. The animals seen, appeared to be oversized lions with demonic features. Even further away near the edge of the forest, was a woman who appeared to have children. She was being brought through the forest by bear looking creatures. Two of these bear animals looked black while the other appeared more grey colored. They had limbs yet they were the height of a truck in size.

After this experience, neither of them got much sleep. They both thought they were hallucinating. Neither of them were drunk or on drugs. For whatever reason, they couple decided to stay there despite witnessing such a bizarre spectacle. The couple were lucky that whatever all of this was didn’t become hostile towards them despite jolting finger pointing and taunts. Being tired, scared and unsure of what to do, this continued on past the midnight hour.

They were unable to sleep and sat up until sunrise. They were surrounded by one of the weirdest spectacles anyone would ever see. Slowly these demonic looking things faded away one by one, until there was only one of them left standing. As the light became brighter, they noticed it had a pale yet hairless face. They stayed until around 8 AM in the morning. Right before the couple left, they noticed strange symbols painted along the trees where they were.

So far, they have been unable to find what these symbols mean. Did they stumble upon a sacred place or a satanic cult of some sort? This is by far, one of the strangest encounters people allegedly have ever encountered yet.

(Source: Reddit)

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