The strange phenomena of spontaneous human combustion

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spontaneous human combustion

This wondrous phenomenon dates back to the 15th century. It is known as spontaneous human combustion. There have been a number of cases reported about people randomly (out of nowhere) bursting into flames. It seemingly cannot be explained by some experts, as it is something from out of a science-fiction film.

The most recent case reported about this, took place on December of 2010—when Irishman Michael Faherty from County Galway, Ireland died. According to the coroner, there was no other explanation of his mysterious death, than him spontaneously com-busting from the inside out.

A statement given after the inquiry about his death by doctor Ciaran McLoughlin who mentioned this: “This fire was thoroughly investigated and I’m left with the conclusion that this fits into the category of spontaneous human combustion, for which there is no adequate explanation.”

There have been some luckier folks, who have lived through this quite strange phenomena like Jack Angel. According to the reports, Jack began spontaneously com-busting while he was in Savannah, Georgia. This incident happened on November 12th of 1974.

Jack awoke inside his mobile home, with rather severe burns on his chest, hands and several other parts of his body. He couldn’t recall what exactly happened. It was as if his fuse was lit from the inside and he was ready to simply burn away—but as fate would have it, he was saved and continued to live his life.

There were no signs of burning found inside his home and his clothing wasn’t burned either. After seeking the assistance of a doctor, they mentioned that he had been the survivor of spontaneous human combustion as it happened internally to him. It left the doctor baffled. Later an investigator by the name of Joe Nickell, wrote a story about him which contradicted a 1975 testimony which was given.

After this, it was presented to the Fulton County Superior Court in a civil-action suit filed by Angel’s attorney. It was suggested by Jack Angel, that he was sprayed by scalding hot water while trying to repair the water pressure inside his mobile trailer.

spontaneous human combustion lady

Spontaneous human combustion occurs—when someone bursts into flames from a chemical reaction from within. Some how a triggered heat source happens, without ignition from an external heart source. Aside from other reported cases, this bizarre phenomenon also appears within literature. The similarities are the same, as the victim is described as being burned from the inside out. Sometimes only a foot has been found left behind.

spontaneous human combustion feet left behind

Forensic investigations have tried to analyze various reports with defined logical conclusions. To date, this mystery is still unsolved and falls into the realm of the unexplained. One story which dates back to the year 1641, involves a drunk knight. A Danish doctor (also a mathematician) named Thomas Bartholin documented different unusual cases.

The death of an Italian knight known as Polonus Vorstius was one of his most peculiar. This knight had a few glasses of strong wine with his family in Milan, when he then burped out fire. Afterward, he died from the flames burning inside of him. It left the family baffled and searching for answers to his rather strange death. Perhaps one day, an explanation will be given about spontaneous human combustion.

Here is a list of 10 victims of spontaneous human combustion.

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