Paranormal expert Art Bell speaks from beyond the grave

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Art was original in every sense of the word. He was the first host, of the paranormal-themed radio program, Coast to Coast AM. Art was a firm believer in paranormal related subjects including but not limited to aliens, ghosts and more.

Art Bell died this year, back on April 13, 2018 he was 73 years old. Huff Paranormal, published a YouTube video, documenting what is believed to be evidence that Art Bell was communicating from beyond the grave. It is both eerie and creepy, yet the voice heard…seems to resemble his.

Art Bell

During this Spirit Box (Ghost Box) Session held for Art Bell, he can be heard pretty distinctively. Many are in disbelief. However, what is heard is quite amazing. Huff woke up to numerous emails, back in April, acknowledging the death of Art Bell. Huff himself, has appeared on the Coast to Coast AM radio show also.

Huff Paranormal Top

Huff’s passion for communicating with the deceased, is an odd one…yet he firmly believes he can communicate with certain individuals – who are on their way to transcendence well into the afterlife. Huff was taking his break from sessions to get other work done, when he was awestruck from his communications.

This seems to be a personal fandom moment for Huff, as he deeply respected Art and what he stood for, relating to paranormal activity. Huff said, “Art was a gift to this world and the paranormal world, he brought so much information and entertainment to those of us, who were into this whole “strange” thing.”

Huff went on to say, from his knowledge it is best to make contact with a spirit within 48 hours of their passing. It seems to be the strongest time to communicate with them, as someone enters the afterlife. Some believe, that we ascend into a 4th type dimension upon death. Others think, that extraterrestrials might be the ones communicating during Spirit Box sessions. There are many different theories out there and ultimately until we ourselves die we will never know.

For those who do not know, a Ghost Box or Spirit Box is a device used to communicate with people who have died and have moved on as spiritual entities. They are used as an electronic medium to directly communicate with the deceased. Sometimes, other spirits can intercept communications. These may well be something far more dangerous and considered evil.

Huff Paranormal

When Huff began his communication with Bell, he wasn’t able to deeply focus on Art, as he tried to make contact with him. He felt energy however, when Art talked. Most of the time, Huff begins his ghost communications first, by meditating deeply…as he tries to channel towards the spirit world. Huff went on to say, that he was able to recorded a few minutes of communication with Art Bell. The energy entered the room for only a few minutes, before dissipating.

Huff later updated his post, saying viewers commented hearing Art say “IT IS NOT THE END”.

One viewer mentioned, “If that was Art Bell, it sounds like he did not make it to Heaven. He said he wanted to touch God and other things that does not make it sound positive. If you believe in Heaven, then you must believe in some form of Hell. This is sad.”

Perhaps Art Bell was able to communicate from beyond the grave. If so, what was he trying to tell us? The man had an open mind in the living world. Maybe there is much more waiting for us on the other side.

(Source: Huff Paranormal)

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