Possessed McDonald’s customer wants her Chicken McNuggets

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A bizarre video has been circulating around involving what appears to be a woman causing a scene at a McDonald’s in the United States. Allegedly, the woman’s name is Melodi Dushane from Ohio. The video was first uploaded without audio, back in 2010. After Melodi’s outburst at McDonald’s, she later was sentenced to a 60 day jail term, along with three years probation for her McNugget-based outrage.

Melodi Dushane McDonalds possession

The original video, displays the time being at 6:20 a.m. However, there are some typos in the subtitles, that were later released with audio. The time was posted being at 10:30 a.m. When Melodi didn’t get her McNuggets, she became outraged rather quickly.

Watching this video, shows some humorous moments. However, there seems to be something strange with her. She is heard hissing while going on quite a tirade. Some suspected, she may have been demonically possessed. At one point seen in the video, she mutters “Don’t make me assume my ultimate form. I’m going to come in there and wreck you.” This is quite strange to say the least. Employees are later heard cursing in disbelief.

Melodi Dushane McDonalds drivethru attack

A manager intervenes…he is hilariously heard saying “Close that shit” referring to drive thru window door. Not long after, the window is broken by Melodi, after she throws a bottle at the glass drive-thru window. Liquid is seen, slightly dripping down the shattered hole opening left behind by her. She then starts up her car and drives away moments later.

Melodi Dushane McDonalds attack

There are some who believe she was or is some kind of alien reptilian in disguise. Although far fetched, she does display signs of demonic possession. Of course the logical explanation is, she was on some kind of drug. The entire thing is quite a spectacle and continues to spread across the internet.

Melodi was 24 years old at the time and likely regrets her mishap. She pleaded not guilty to a vandalism charge in the city of Toledo, Ohio.

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