The infamous Area 51 alien video interview

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On Friday July 26th, 1996 the offices of Rocket Pictures received a phone call. On the other end of the line, was a male voice identifying themselves as “Victor”. What they mentioned was quite incredible, as they claimed they had a copy of an interview with an extraterrestrial being. The footage originated from the infamous Area 51 base, located in ‎Lincoln County, Nevada.

Tom Coleman was the chairman of the Independent Entertainment Group (Rocket Pictures) at the time, they were an indie production company. (Tom was responsible for producing films like Teen Wolf (1985) starring Michael J. Fox)

Tom Coleman

Tom mentioned, his first reaction about the phone call, was a practical joke being played upon him by his brother. However, after he ended the call, he got a strange feeling about it. He thought maybe there was something special about this after all.

The same unidentified man known as Victor, went on to mention he was in possession of a video tape which had evidence of a space alien on video. Tom was unsure whether or not this alien was a prisoner or a guest under the circumstances as he chuckled initially.

Area 51 alien interview vid

Known as a EBE (Extraterrestrial Biological Entity) this video footage since its release, has people guessing whether or not it is the real deal. A narration with a distorted voice over was done to help hide the identity of Victor or whoever made the copy of this interview. They state, the alien interview took place in what is known as interview suite S-4.

While watching this alien interview, the lighting was kept dark—to make the alien feel more comfortable. (this was the theory) Seen off to the left side of the screen (barely) is a telepath, they were trying to connect with the alien on a psychic level of understanding and comprehension. Behind the camera in the video, was an area for observers they explained.

They believed the only other person present during this interview, was a military aid. The alien is seen seated behind a glass partition in a bio containment area. The biological safety level was considered a level 2. This was done for the protection of the extraterrestrial and not for humans in the building initially.

Area 51 alien interview

Believed to be safe for the alien, there was some direct exposure and scientists felt the alien was going to be okay. However, as seen towards the end of the video (this was not the case) as the alien then began reacting to something. Perhaps it was injured or something biological was affecting it. Distressed, the alien is seen reacting to something—as the telepath begins contacting medical staff for help.

They then appear on camera trying to assist the alien. A light is then shined around the eyes of the alien checking for any hemorrhaging. Also, the nasal cavity is checked as seen in the video. It is unknown from this point, if this alien continued to live.

Area 51 alien video

If not, no doubt it was dissected in some laboratory somewhere by a government agency of some sort. What classification of alien is this? It appears to be smaller in stature and somewhat comparable to that of a grey only with a different skin tone. The footage is truly amazing and worth looking at a second time around.

Experts have analyzed the video frame by frame and are divided over its authenticity. Jim Dilettoso, a highly respected image analyst, didn’t find any fraudulence within the video. Frame by frame he examined the video. One supposed Hollywood special effects expert, believed a puppet was manipulated to make this seem real. You can be the judge.

Victor was also interviewed on May 23 by Art Bell and Sean David Morton on Coast to Coast AM radio where he elaborated  his involvement at S-4. That was the last time the public has heard from Victor.

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